2684 The Nerd Paradox.

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Carol, in spite of often doing nerdy things and showing a fondness for them when they are introduced, doesn’t think of herself as a nerd. She tends to set herself apart from others in a way that’s similar to Thomas, but from another angle. She was sociable in school, outgoing, pretty, and confident. Which is not to say that Thomas is a troll, but he saw himself as inferior, or othered, from the opposing side. I wonder if that sort of thinking has faded in modern times since all the nerd crap is now mainstream and captured by other parties, and in many cases, former enemies. Leaving school, in my experience, only equalizes people to a point. There are certain statuses that keep some people firmly set apart from others. On some level Carol thinks of herself as better than many of the people she works with. Maybe not in a hostile way, but in a way that make her instinctually act as their better. Someone they should always obey. The thing is she doesn’t think about it. She just acts how she acts without introspection whereas Thomas is always introspecting to the point of constant internal conflict. While he speaks like he thinks of himself as better than others sometimes it’s not something he simply accepts, or internalizes. He couches everything in a joke because he isn’t sure what he believes from moment to moment. Ironically Carol might call him out for acting superior, but he doesn’t truly feel that way, while she does and accepts it as a truth she doesn’t even need to spend energy pondering. In these ways they are somewhat mirrors of each other, yet also sort of complementarity in a way that Thomas and Nina wouldn’t be if they were in a relationship. Although Thomas and Nina would be a very loving and supportive couple Nina would tend to coddle Thomas. Carol challenges him because it’s in her nature to challenge things. Nina might be competitive, but she would simply accept Thomas as he is all the time. Neither of those fates are bad. Thomas might achieve something on his own eventually with Nina, just on with his own motivation. In fact, overall he might be happier just being left to his own devices and never really challenged. At the same time his nature to stagnate would rub off on Nina over time. With Carol he evens her out a bit, but she remains feisty. Of the two pairings, Carol and Thomas will grow the most as humans with each other overall. Although if I was gifted with time enough I would have liked exploring an alternate version of the story where the pairings were inverted. Carol and Ed would be a wild dynamic. Carol isn’t really Ed’s type though. Thomas is more compatible with any female because the things he likes aren’t generally as specific. Ed is more likely to be drawn to athletic types specifically. It would take longer for him to fall in love with Alex, for example, but he still could potentially.

Anyway, no time to be wondering about what ifs. It’s already 16 minutes past posting time, so I will post. I hope your week gets off to a pleasant start and trends that way. Hopefully I’ll see you on Wednesday for more amazing Failure action! Until then, don’t whiz on the electric fence.


I’m just wondering how long it’ll be before these two are discovered as a couple by someone else, they’re getting a wee bit careless. John would be my guess as to who, if he hasn’t figured it out already.

He has functionally given it his blessing on more than one occasion.

True. I just think it’d be fun to see them get caught again. While both have insecurities, Thomas especially, they both also project a sense of superiority that could do with some puncturing.

We see Brooksie, just peering over a countertop at them…

She’s been aware for quite some time. I really feel like some of you haven’t retained much of the story.

In my defense, at this point, it’s a very long story. I remember many of the main events, character traits and backstories, but not every single interaction. And I didn’t even try to think of Brooksie knew, I just liked the visual I imagined.

The most recent interesting possibility would be Mike. He is, technically, their boss, and Carol did make a good attempt once in helping him grow a backbone. This would take the story in a more serious direction, but could be good character development for all of them. With Mike’s luck, the store would be visited by Reggie’s aunt a few days later, while he’s still struggling with what to do.

True- trained as an accountant, but is not one.
One’s training doesn’t define what someone’s [real] job is.
Such as, [+ I believe this statement is true]: the singer, Mick Jagger, is trained to be a businessman/he has a business degree, but his business training doesn’t make him a biz. worker.
Your training might not match, the actual job that you are doing.

Very true.
One of my best friends graduated with a degree in accounting, took the CPA exam, passed with flying colors, and then…

Took a job as a delivery man. Because, as he said, “All accountants are assholes”.

I can’t really disparage his decisions tho… he has his house fully paid off.

And The Rolling Stones aren’t a business? They sure are, and a very big one at that.

Of course.
But I’ll bet nearly anything that- Mr. Jagger doesn’t list[businessman], as his job, when he fills out his taxes. :)

Carol challenges him because it’s in her nature to challenge things.

This reminds me of the ’80s Britcom “Chef!”, where the title character owns and runs a two Michelin star restaurant in England, and his wife is smart and strong and will call him out, specifically in contrast to his staff, who are expected to consider him the supreme authority.

Lol, however, if you encounter such a woman IRL, get away as soon as you can. Do not, for instance, marry her.

I met and married such a woman. It’s been bliss for over 40 years.
There’s a song by Cat Stevens:
I’m looking for a hard-headed woman
Who will make me do my best
And when I find my hard-headed woman
I know my life will be blessed.
My life was so blessed.

I loved chef. That was an absolutely brilliant series.

I’m not sure it’s the same series, but I liked a show called Chef with Lenny Henry, I think it was.

Funny, I was just thinking of that BBC show last week (saw some old Red Nose Day videos with Sir Lenny Henry). Chef! was indeed a brilliant series, by the famous Richard Curtis, also known from (among many other very good British productions) tv shows as Not the Nine O’Clock News, Blackadder and The Vicar of Dibley (strongly recommended by the way!), and movies as Four Weddings and a Funeral, Love Actually …and the first two Bridget Jones movies I think.

As someone who re-reads this entire story on a regular basis and feeling obliged to comment on the idea that I too would like to see these two get caught out for being so open about their relationship in the workspace; Seeing how Mike is the only other worker in the building right now, it would be fun seeing that interaction. Otherwise if I remember correctly the only other coworkers unaware of the relationship are Reggie (for obvious reasons, however recent character development might allow him to have less of an antagonistic response), Ed (while his new-ish relationship with Nina means he is likely to be included in the circle), and Mike, oh and Wes too but that was a last minute thought as I had to remember he exists.

Thomas would be like,” Go ahead and enforce the “no fraternizing”(or whatever) rule. I’ll be gone before you stop talking.” Don’t think Mike wants to risk that-he’s the boss, but Carol and Thomas run the store for all intents and purposes. Get rid of either one, he’d likely have further mutinies. He might tell them to be more discreet.

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