870 Closing The Drapes.

What with all the stuff that was going on around Xmas & New Years I don’t think I ever mentioned that I got a 3DS and Mario Kart 7. MK7 is the reason I wanted a 3DS at all. There were other games I was interested in, many of which still aren’t available, but MK7 was the deal maker. I’m sure I must have spoken about how much I loved Mario Kart DS. It came out a little before I started the comic, at the end of my retail “career”. My friends and I worked in a game store, so we had access to used copies of the game and systems. Let me tell you, Mario Kart is a fantastic game, but playing it with a full roster of actual humans is totally radical. Of course I’ll probably never get a chance to experience MK7 like that, but it has online capabilities and the single player game is still a lot of fun. I played MKDS for years and never really got tired of it, and MK7 is just as good. I haven’t done much with the online play, but it was really good for Mario Kart Wii. I expect the 3DS stuff will be comparably well done.
I have to say that the cast for the game is dissapointing. That’s the one flaw that all the Kart games seem to share. DS least of all, but all of them in some ways. The Wii version had the babies, which just seemed lame when there are tons of little enemy characters to choose from. 7 has Honey Queen, Metal Mario & Wiggler. It lost Waluigi, who is a favorite of mine. Wiggler is just lame, Metal Mario is a recolor, and Honey Queen is just a weird choice. Still, all things considered, Metal Mario is the only character I would boot for being unimaginative. The Waluigi thing is doubly weird because his pinball track returns in 7 while he doesn’t. XD

I was pretty pleased with the track returns, and the new ones are cool too. The crossover with Wii Sports was a nice touch. Being able to tear around Wuhu island is fun.

Anyway, my friend code is 3909-7997-3526


So Brooksie’s got heterochromia?

Makes me wanna see her real eye colour now.

So, wait, no Waluigi? At all?
Why on earth would they do that? At least Dry Bones is there, right?
Or I’ll lose both my favourites.

I still have to get me a 3DS…..MK7 is also one of the major deal makers for me.

No Dry Bones either. There’s Shyguy though. That’s something, right?

Honestly i like having the kart customization over characters. Then again, I usually play as yoshi, so I guess I took it for granted… I like Rosalina though…
(P.S. my friend code is 4897-6109-1107)

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