669 Twin Tales.

This page was originally one of those double long ones, but I ended up splitting it in half because two family members died in rapid succession and it made it hard for me to focus. The sections are strong enough to stand alone, and in a book it wouldn’t seem weird, but they look like they are all of a piece. Hopefully the emotional impact won’t be ruined. On Wednesday if you click back to this page and read them in a go they may come across differently.


Is she that much taller, or is it just an odd “camera angle”?

Standing flatfooted Jess is about six inches taller than Ed. Jolene is about two inches taller than Ed. Carol is something like two to three inches taller. Reggie is about six or so inches taller. Mike is probably about 7 inches taller. Thomas & John are about nine inches taller. Nina is something like eleven inches taller.

That’s pretty much as well as I have the heights worked out in my head.

Taking shoes, hair, and posture into account it gets muddy. Jolene tends to crouch, and Ed does too when he’s mad. Thomas slouches sometimes. Carol, Reggie, and John, tend to stand up straight all the time. Nina and Jess tend to do things that accentuate their height.

Mostly I just draw the panels so they look alright and hope for the best.

Gah, stop losing family members! You’re gonna need them around to keep you surviving your artistic ways.
Best wishes to you and their other survivors.

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I commend you for your professionalism. Splitting pages to lighten your load while not disappointing us was an excellent call.

You can’t keep letting family die! if you do, who’s gonna pay your rent?!

in all seriousness though, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had to deal with another pair of losses. While this comic is awesome and whatnot, any true fan of yours would rather you deal with your loss and not worry about it than push yourself during a time when it would be detrimental to both your comic’s quality and your own well being.

remember that we can understand your need to lighten your load to deal with family matters and cope with grief, and that we’d rather wait for new comics than lose a talented artist

She’s going to flash the neighbour, isn’t she?

AS for your family members. Not much to say except that’s hard, but I’m sure you’re strong enough not to let it impact on your professional life.

It is hard enough to lose one family member let alone two, I am sorry for your loss but remember that if you think of them from time to time they live on.

I am also sorry that sounds so damn sappy but it’s true.

very well put. Even though they aren’t alive anymore, they still live within all the hearts they impacted. Stay strong Bro!

I probably can’t speak for everyone, but based on my own experience, sentiments like that no longer seem so sappy.

Allow me to add my own condolences along with the rest.

My condolences on your loss. It seems your fandom is loyal and supportive, so take time, grieve, clear your head, and we’ll still be here for retail misadventures when you get back.

I’m so sorry for your lost.

There’s nothing one can really say to ease the pain. We have a saying in my family.

Tho peace bay la tay.

Hey Man, I’m sad, hearing about your family dying. It’s something that we all have happening to us. It sometimes seems like it never stops. I look back on my childhood, and even that wasn’t some immaculate dream. Funerals there too.
What I’m tryin’ to get at is, you’re a great storyteller. I mean that with the utmost respect. You work hard on these comics and they make sense to people and they make people happy. It’s amazing to me that you still work this hard when there’s pain in your heart.

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