1019 That Thing You’re Doing Now.

I’m going to my grandma’s for Christmas, and there’s a chance that I’ll get stuck there for a few days if the snows come, but fear not, I am uploading this week’s pages early. There should be no interruption in service. I may try to guess the outcome of Christmas so I can compare notes after and see if I have spooky powers.

Are you guys hoping to get anything in particular for presents? I don’t really. I’m happy with whatever cause most stuff I really want is so expensive I never even bother telling anyone about any of it.

I actually tried to work even further ahead than I usually do so I’d be prepared for the holiday, but it didn’t work out. Things kept getting in my way and stymieing my efforts. It has been very aggrivating. I could get a day ahead only to have the effort undone the next day. I’m so tired…

Anyway, happy holiday whatever holiday that might be. Stay safe kids. I want everyone back here as usual next week. XD


I tend to not tell people about the expensive stuff I want for various winter-giving-days because the last time I mentioned something I wanted, my group of friends dropped almost six grand to get it for me…

My winter-celebration went quite well this year, so I hope yours goes well too!

Well, apart from world peace and all that, I’d really like some money so I can buy a computer, or just so I can stand on my own until I get a job. I’d also like for me and my girlfriend to get rid of our stomach flues ASAP, so we can celebrate the holidays at all. :p

I told my wife I was thinking about buying myself a copy of the Arkham Horror game. While I was out buying her yet more presents (I’m trying to make her stack twice the size of mine) she tried to run out to the local game store and buy it – but they were already closed for the day. Fortunately she likes playing games as much as I do (board games, not computer games – she hates those) so I think she may spring for it for my upcoming birthday. Besides that the stuff I’d like to get is too expensive to actually ask for.

It took a few days but I’ve finally caught up :)
I’ve seen you praised many times in the comments before but let me be all cliche and do so myself. This webcomic is awesome. If it weren’t for xkcd, it’d be my favourite.

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