1699 Hot Stupid.

The evening got away from me so I didn’t write anything to go here, plus I’m not sure how I feel about what’s been going on and if it’s proper to share it anyway. Suffice it to say it’s irritating and I’m dealing with it.

I’ve been listening to thug notes videos while inking and coloring. Id nave heard of them before but youtube brought them to me after I watched a bunch of movie things from the same people. I never bothered with a lot of the “classic” books in school in favor of more modern stuff, so a brief primer over books people know, but that are boring as fuck, is useful. I recommend them if you want a little entertaining amount of literary synopsis.


Is she blushing over her “beautiful idiot”, or because she’s touching Nina’s abs? Or both?

Well, its an AWFULLY familiar bit of personal space invasion she’s got going on there for someone she hasn’t seen in years.

Like, you could almost interpret her left hand going up inside the back of Nina’s shirt there, if that’s where your k nd goes

I said it before and i am gonna say it again i am pretty sure ervina is a lesbian and thats ok. even homosexual peoples need love too.

Considering that she’s also attracted to Mexican Candle Jesus over there, she’s more likely bi or pan, or somewhere in the “gender doesn’t matter as long as I’m attracted to the person” spectrum. :)

Sounds like a ‘he’s hot but I can’t date him because he’s stupid’ situation.

Perhaps more like “he’s hot but there’s no-blimmin’-way he’ll wear the ears or the Pepe Le Pew tail, so the deal’s off.”

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