1700 Piggyback.

1700 is a lot. Although in reality I’ve made more pages than that. In fact, here’s one I did on the fly because of the new Zelda game.

When I was little I wanted to make animation. Then I realized how you have to draw essentially the same thing over and over, which I didn’t like, so I decided to do something else. Then I ended up essentially doing that anyway in one way or another. Of course I’m glad I didn’t choose to try animation because the industry went into fits when computers came along and fucked all the old ways up. It’s a real shame to be part of one of those generations lost to the upheaval of progress. I know of a lot of people who wanted to do old style animation who basically never got the chance because the techniques took too long and didn’t make money fast enough. Now computer animation is finally really starting to circle back around and properly mimic hand drawn, but it’s too late for a whole generation of artists who are now grinding away their talents in regular jobs. You don’t get to choose the when and how a lot of the time. Mostly you only get to choose how you’ll react to those things. War comes, peace comes, progress comes, and people adapt. Adaptability is a very useful trait to cultivate in yourself, because no matter what else happens you will always need to adapt.


Knowing ed being capable of breaking furniture, his strength would make sense of him being able to carry his amazonian beloved.

They might have more fun, if both found a private setting, and then Nina gives Ed a [different] kind of piggyback ride! ;)

Actually, not only do I think that’s the plan, but it’s been the plan all along. I’d say that Nina is very, very good at deferred gratification. When the magic moment arrives, it’s going to be epic!

I am kinda bummed about the hand-drawings-type of animators, that lost their jobs as animators.
On another note- Congradulations on doing 1700 pages, Jackie!

1700 huh? Back in my day, this comic was in black and white. Nyehh~ Crazy kids.

And we had to view the site uphill both ways in the driving snow. :D

Over dial-up

Using ProComm plus, with a USRobotics Sportster FaxModem, over dial-up.
A gigabit download over cat.6 Ethernet to a 802.11x g+n WiFi, bah! I could brew a cuppa coffee waiting a page to load. What were we using then? Was it Mosaic? Or Netscape back then? I can’t r member.

Ed giving Nina a piggyback ride invokes the images of the diablo treasure goblins in my mind. A small but strong creature carrying a load much bigger than itself. Go Goblin Ed carry your treasure to savety!

I know I’m just old… but god do miss the old hand drawn animation. CG was amazing when it came out, dont get me wrong… but there’s just something … more enjoyable about hand drawn. It’s kinda of like comic books with the old newsprint pages vs glossy pages. The old type pages are awesome, but you couldn’t pull off the pretty art in them.

I know all too well both sides of the evolution from hand inked overlays to CGI.
My lil sis became a graphics artist and missed the bandwagon on purpose.
I on the other hand was right there as the tech evolved from Kubota boxes on DEC systems, to video toasters housed on wire shelving, to Bones being developed
[Call out to all those from SIGGraph-TO].
I bet 90% of people reading that sentence can’t barely decipher any of it XD.

I’d say something, but then I’d be dating myself almost as much as you just did. ;)

Congratulations on being there for the computer revolution, because it’s been a wild ride!

Remeber when Ralph Bakshi used live action film, and then inked over it, to save money, to animate it? Was supposed to be an improvement. Debatable, but creative. Wizards!

Congrats on the long number of pages for this long running, wonderful comic; however, the Trekkie in me wanted to wait until 1701 pages to say something.

Somebody is about to ride the quiddich broom.

I think it is more along the lines that she will want to live out her Harry Potter fantasy with Ed s wand. Personally I’d like to see what these two would be like as an old married couple.

Heh. My sister graduated Dunedin University Comp Sci in animation the year AFTER the entire class got hired by Weta Workshop.

Blog reminds me of how I wanted to make a comic years ago… and oh my goodness I’ve just realised I still could, more easily than I thought! I’ve got basically no chance of drawing consistently, so I wanted to use digital 3D rendering, but didn’t really like the poor quality shading at the time. (Texturing would kill me worse than drawing. I’ve done a little.) In Second Life, I saw how to get an inked flat-colored look from 3D models. Make a spheroid, set its surface color, and set the surface to what SL called “full bright”: unshaded; no light effects; just its color undimmed no matter the angle. Then surround it with an inside-out spheroid with a black surface. The black will peep out around the edges of the color, looking like an inkled line, and it will stay that way as you rotate around it. Overlap spheroid pairs to make shapes. You can use shapes other than spheroids, but it’s trickier, and I think they have to be round to be worth trying at all. Hm… I guess boxes could have a very simple texture to define their edges. Still quite a lot of work, but one meelion tymes more consistency when done.

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