He might have a disadvantage as his gait would be much shorter than Nina’s.

I used to think like that… Then I went rollerblading with my friend Gimli (not his real name, but it’s visually appropriate). We did about 0.1 laps around a lake and then he had to call for a halt, because the tops of his rollerblades were squeezing and rubbing his massive calf muscles badly. So he had me go back to the car and get his shoes. He didn’t want to wait around, so he had me do that while he took off the rollerblades. And then he proceeded to jog with me while I rollerbladed around the lake.

I *thought* I was going to have to go slow and not push too hard so he could keep up. But he dusted me… while carrying the rollerblades in his arms for the first 0.9 laps, until he could drop them off at the car. Just to clarify: he was enough ahead I didn’t catch all the way up while he took that minor detour. I think he then did about 4.7 laps in the time I did 3. I then stopped, out of breath, and he came running up as I was taking my rollerblades off. He was not out of breath, and he decided to do another couple of laps, because it was a nice park, and he told me to not bother waiting for him because it was only a 20 minute jog from his place.

For reference, the Gimli in this story is about 5’1″, I’m 6’2″.

I love how his very presence seems to make Nina feel better.

Poor Nina needs something to calm her offended soul, as well as her libido. I remember a certain scene where she wanted to be “rode like a Quidditch broom” by a certain little wizard-like man…

At least he summoned enough courage to get his foot in the door, and to that I raise my glass. May I find someone again to whom I may attempt the same; perhaps it may not be running, but for my energy reserves, I would love it to be very much!

@Jerichow – you are right about the calming effect he has on her.

In the last panel, the looks say:

Nina: Prey/Meat/Yummy

Edward: Aw, shit, what did I just do to myself?

Edward is only worried because he’s never been devoured before, and thus doesn’t know how awesome it may feel the first time. If he only knew that she will absolutely destroy his little world when introduced to her own…

Awwwwwww yeeaaahhhhh!
A running date isn’t quite romantic, but it’s a start.
And I love panel #4.

Make her feel pretty Ed…


That’s not the hard part, the hard part is keeping up with her without collapsing.

I would think he’d want to collapse a few times. Nina seems to like coming to her friend’s rescue…

…her short, Harry Potter looking friends…that she dreams about in a scented oil producing steel mill…half naked…

…glistening… (See #354)

Like John did when they had that game in the store. (not forgetting he had a major handycap of enificient lungs)

I got to hand it to him, she’s blowing me away with the hair up and down, and he stays cool and asks her about running with him. I’d like to see this go somewhere nice. :3

love love love nina, and ed, maybe finally completing something they started earlier. I believe nina will most likely match her gait to ed’s to make sure not to leave him behind, or at least, to only leave him behind enough that he can watch hers. If ya know what i mean

WAIT. I was sitting here puzzling over why she’s looking at her lovely hair with such sadness, and then I thought… Does she wish she was a redhead? Because someone around here prefers them?

From one Ed to another: About time. Please don’t cock it up.

Hopefully Nina doesn’t find out the only reason for Ed’s sudden interest is the threat from Jess. I can imagine that little tidbit of information, not going over too well if revealed at an inopportune time. Or maybe not…I tend to suck at the whole relationship thing.

Dude finally got his $#!+ together — will wonders never cease?

Yeah, I mentioned before I used to go out with a giantess (she’s 6’2″ and I’m a shade under 6′) and her cousin recently turned her onto this strip. She ripped me a new one last Wednesday over lunch, but she understands where my discomfort came from. I’d say I’m fond of tall women, but that’s like saying I’m fond of redheads. It’s true, but I also like the short ladies (my longest relationship was with a 5′ Mexican immigrant), blondes and brunettes. I guess I’m a equal-opportunity ogler.


Every one over here is short and getting shorter.

Be nice looking a Woman in the eye, without feeling like a colossus, for a change.

Oh Ed, you smooth talker you. I’d half expect him to go “Homana, Homana, Homana” like Ralph in ‘The Honeymooner’s’. Nina, on the other hand, has the look in her eye of a hungry wolf that has spied a fat sheep.

I don’t know. She seems more relaxed to me. I don’t get this “Hungry wolf” vibe from that look. I see it more like, “Finally, he’s grown a spine!” There might be a twinge, but I don’t see that as the primary emotion.


Unfortunately, given how many people have called me “weird” and “not normal,” I half expect to add “wrong” in this instance. Thankfully, this is a post of BF past, so most people won’t see it, anyway.

Way to go, Ed!

Although I’m thinking Jess’s “threat” was more intended to get her brother to make a move on the girl he likes than to get anywhere with Nina anyway.

Holy Moly! Nina finally did her hair up! I started reading from the beginning, but the patreon/vote banner has had Nina and Jo since I started, but had Nina with her hair up, and this is the first time I saw that in the comic.

Her paces are twice as long as Ed’s. He’ll get shaped in no time! (Especially if they end up doing extra “physical activities” in the long run.

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