This could be a Batman-cartoon-type of moment.
What I mean is- Thomas may be worried that the only room they haven’t checked, might have dangerous things left in it.
There could be a booby trap in that room, waiting for wandering thieves.

Or, maybe another “urban explorer” got into this bomb shelter, just before our heroes, and he’s waiting to ambush them, and steal their booze. Hm.

In the theatre of the mind, picture if you will that this is a story of the 70s schlock horror genre. The last room to be inspected is the sleeping accommodations and it would be the final resting place for his secret life partner from the Netherlands.

Tommy Boy, you promised to call her Roulette, remember? Probably not since there are certain minor distractions nearby.

Did spellcheck do that? Let me try again: Roulette. Yep. Rule-tte. That’s better. Until I removed the double e and it tried again.

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