2126 Liberation.

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I went through several iterations of this event because I wanted them to find “treasure”. Of course the real treasure is the friends that were inside us all along the journey. But in a more solid sense I wanted there to be a treasure chest, or at least a modern equivalent. I can’t remember the game anymore, but I remember being really excited when I got into a modern safe. Maybe it was one of the resident evil ones… Anyway we’ve all gotten to sort of have this experience in games, in one way or another. I’m sure some of you have even had similar experiences in real life. It’s fun to find something hidden. Even if it ends up just being papers, right up till you open the box you have that rush of expectation.


Given he had survivalist inclinations (and how many interesting problems it could create) my “safe” bet is on guns …

That’s what I’m thinkin’.

If he’s super, super into the “Doomsday-survivalist theories”, then he’ll think that all governments will collapse, + then US money + stocks will be worthless,…when the-squid-hits-the-fan.
Maybe there’s something in there, for non-money bartering, like: valuable guns, or godl, or silver, or gems, or something. Hmmm.

My spell-checker didn’t catch,…”GODL”????
Ugh. Geezum, how annoying.
“I tell you, Sammy, such a problem, you should not get.” :p

Well, I’m not gonna guess the formula for cold fusion, and the guys dad worked for Exxon or Amoco. But what ever it is, I’ll bet it is non-trivial.

Check the books individually, first off. There might be first editions or the like in there. They’re worth a packet and no one needs to know how many were in place.

Second, that safe is empty. I don’t care what’s in it. It’s empty NOW, and as far as anyone needs to know, it was empty then, too. I don’t know why he put an empty safe in a wall; why did he die alone in a hidden sub-basement?

Same reason you put an empty safe anywhere. Because you wanted to put something in it to keep it safe. But maybe you never got around to putting it in there, or took it out at some point and didn’t put it back.

If it’s some cash, bottle caps, and a handmade pistol I’m gonna laugh.

” I’m sure some of you have even had similar experiences in real life. It’s fun to find something hidden. Even if it ends up just being papers…”

Can anyone say “Geraldo Rivera and the lost vault of Al Capone”?

Jess knows some interesting people.

She’s very good at persuading people to do favors for her.
I bet she could get a locksmith to pick the lock of, or find the combination for, this safe.

Why? Its on the paper in his hand. Then we have another ethical dilemma. Or maybe not. Can’t wait to see.

Oh man! That would be quite twist! :D

Any chance that the boy in the photo, is this building’s current landlord?

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