2125 Disturbance.

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I don’t know how it is that my life seems to know when I’m trying to do something extra with this comic, but it always seems to fund a way to be a fucking disaster when I do. I’m starting to thing they should just stand completely still in the store all the time so nothing happens to me. I’m not even going to get in to all the bullshit going on right now. I could sure cope with it a lot better if this demonic virus wasn’t making things ooze from all the places it can. I thought I was doing better yesterday then I tried to go to sleep & it was an all out attack on me again. We had to order another case of tissue. I’ve burned through at least 4 boxes on my own. Guh. I actually had things to talk about for these pages but it’s all screwed up now & I’m bloody annoyed.


It’s ok. As an exercise in disidentifying, make sure you dump all the ‘biodata’ in the bin, since you do want to lose that. An epic failure is still a good story afterwards, but when it joins forces with disaster and grief, it’s just an ordeal to get through. Get well on your own time.

Well my brain is out. I had to pop back through recent history, because I somehow missed Alex putting her hair back. As she stepped into the room my brain yelled “who the hell is that!?”

Dude chill, it’s just Alex. Brain: “But, she has EYES!”

Ahhhh! Hope you feel better fast. I hate being sick. Doesn’t sound like you like it either. I vote we ban getting sick.
(Gene: that’s not how reality works)

Sounds like the way I felt about a week ago. Last Friday I looked at my recycling bin. Seems I finished off 5 boxes of kleenex in a week. A few more afer that.

Several of my friends had similar stories, except they had major headaches as well. So I felt lucky getting over it so lightly.

This “cold” (a mild term) seems to abate as if it’s almost over, and then attack for a second time. Almost as if it’s two colds, one after the other.

If it’s the same one, let me hope you’re in phase 2, so you have a real chance of being free of it soon.

A little tip when you’re feeling extra snotty: use a towel. Less waste and your nose should be less raw. Stay hydrated my friend, hope you feel better soon.

Yes. Hydrated. It lets your body make the snot wetter, which makes it easier to get it out. A friend of mine recommended Gatorade because that’s made for hydration. But I suspect just water works fine if you’re careful to replenish your salt somehow. Your snot and sweat contain salt.

Jackie said on twitter, that- he really likes the pic of Jo putting her hand on Thomas’ arm, in sort of a please-give-me-support-and-protection-kind of a move,
I agree. This pic. really shows to the audience- a real gentle quality, and a vulnerable side, that Jo has.

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