2124 Classic Rot.

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I’m having a hell of a time kicking this cold… Only by chance did I have things sort of sorted out before Roxi died. It was a small mercy in the face of a wave of unlucky things of the last few weeks. I was able to sling things together because I was a little bit ahead of the game. I’m not having much luck focusing at the moment though. I need to get to sleep. My patterns are all akimbo.


I wonder who the shadows outside the door are…
Also, I like the way you observe the transience of things like radio, it’s not something I would have thought about.

Pretty sure that’s john and rullette

Negative that is not John and Rullette they are all in the same room note the lighting in the top two panels is similar if not the same, those miiight be Thomas’s and Jo’s shadows, but i’m not 100% about that, simply cause both the shadows are too tall and not elongated or stretched out from the light, then again they might not but given the angle of the characters and the lighting i’m more inclined to think thier shadows would be stretched out.

I think that Thomas may have a point. It could be that this person, in the bunker, didn’t know how powerful his painkillers really were.
Maybe he thought that the medicine was just going to make him sleep for a long while. *shrugs*

So now, the corpse is too old to rock and roll, but it looks like at the time he was too young to die. Which gives me ideas, … which I will keep to myself. But the mystery just deepens.
Maybe KGRAV should change its letters to WOLD, heard but never seen. Feelin’ all of 55, going on 16.

“Maybe KGRAV should change its letters to WOLD”

It would have to migrate across the Mississippi River in order to do that.

AlEx, what was modern rock when old man whithers died *is* classic rock now.

I’m reminded of some of the radio stations in my area. They were popular when I was young 40 years ago. They haven’t significantly changed their playlist in all that time, but what was “album rock” is now “classic rock”.

Yeah, some of us remember the beginning of the broadcast day. KSWO would start the day with the National Anthem and then follow with Knights in White Satin. Every day.


A lot of US, TV channels, which were pre-1990s-cable tv channels, didn’t broadcast for 24 hours a day.

These channels would sign of at maybe 1-3 a.m.?

When they signed off, they’d say something like:

“This is [fill in that channel’s name, here].

This is the end of today’s, TV broadcasts. Good Night.”

And then the channel(s) would play the National Anthem.

Then the channel(s) would turn off their signal, or play [A TV, test pattern], until the channel’s TV shows returned, the following morning.

(That’s just a quirky piece of TV trivia, to brighten your day!)


The others are in the hallway, just Thomas and Jo entered the room, the others are looking on through the doorway, hence the silouettes (not shadows)

Hence also the wainscotting behind Thomas in the last panel but not in the hallway panels above. (not sure why it isnt also behind Jo).

Because it’s a couch

There’s sort of a parallel, with this story, and the usual, D + D games’ story(s).
Namely- If our heroes had played a game, + found a dead king, in an underground treasure house, this would be a light + fun story.

But if our heroes find a [real] dead guy, in a hidden room…a room filled with expensive booze, that would feel tragic + creepy. Hm.

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