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Well, the Canadian question is still pretty much up in the air.  It seems like I might just be lucky and only meet cool Canadians, and Austrailians as long as I’m at it. 

I’ve never really been anywhere.  I mean I’ve gone to the Grand Canyon, and that sort of thing, but I’m not much of a traveler.  I’m terrified of flying, and I don’t really like having my routine thrown off, but I think I’ll add Canada to the list of places I’ll wish I’d have visited when I die.  In keeping with the strangely morbid streak that runs through me I’m trying out a list of things I want to do but realize I will, eventually, regret not doing.  An illustration of the slightly backwards style of my brain.  I imagine that I’m not alone in that though.  I fear that I am not always the singular jewel I want to think I am.


Remember it is not so much where you go but what you experience. As someone brilliant said about books is also true about travel, “The best and worse of the human experience is right there…” It is more the trip, than the location you are going, I have spent some time traveling in top notch countries and really poor third world countries. I have and seen the worse and best of people, in both places. Individual people can represent the best in the world, cultures have all of them good and bad.

Near the area you live have you been to all the places (parks, museums, and historic sites) within a 150 miles (240km) of where you live? Start with that as day trips or overnights, you will meet interesting people and you can gain some confidence about traveling. If you decide you like it then you can extend the trips distance until you feel comfortable going to Canada. Then try other countries that you speak the language, then places where a language you speak is common, then places were most people do not speak your language.

Always check with your state department or the embassy where you are going, for condition and safety information. Take common sense precautions and enjoy the scenery as you are on your way. If you have the time and money, it can allow you to see wonderful things. Fear can stop you from doing many things, but live bravely for life where you live is not completely safe.

You’re not alone bru. I am a nightmare to travel with. If you were to bring me to a beautiful foreign country, I would absolutely loath it! It’s not that I don’t fancy other cultures, it’s just I’m too much of a home bug! Sometimes I don’t even like to go to places in the US that are more than a few hours flight from home.
As for the comic, I like the yellowish hue, and I LOVE Ninas mid drift *pant pant pant!*

I have a list of things to do before I die. Funny thing is though every time I scratch one off I seem to have added four more. I keep it simple though. Learn to surf, check, see Australia, not yet, Bungee Jump, check, sky dive, not yet, try my hand at stand up comedy, check, fail miserably at stand up comedy, check, pet a lion, check, lose 50 lbs, not yet, hook up with an older woman I met at a concert, check, have sex on an airplane, not yet. The list goes on and on.

Also, Hipbone. very nice.

For the record there’s not much ELSE to do near the places where Crave has lived other than visit the old places that used to exist. Well that and get pregnant. Used to be the local pasttime. Was once the teen pregnancy capitol of the US right here. Not anymore. Oh, 90s I miss you so.

What are you talking about Waldo? There is tons to do………bushwacking, cow tipping, snipe hunting, rattlesnake roundups, sign shooting and a personal favorite…….burning ditches!!! :-)

Lame ones exist……GOD do they exist. Every australian I’ve met has been a jerk, so I guess me and you are just standing on different ends of the spectrum.

Is it just me, or is something off with the perspective? Edward isn’t that much shorter than Nina, is he?

Crave edit: He’s inside a tiny panel in the corner at a different size ratio.

Here’s one very uncool canadian.

On a bus from Canada to Virginia (i think) a man stabbed a passenger to death, then refused to leave the bus after it had been evacuated. I’ll spare you the rest of the details

“Rusty-knight Says:

September 5th, 2008 at 10:31 pm
Here’s one very uncool canadian.

On a bus from Canada to Virginia (i think) a man stabbed a passenger to death, then refused to leave the bus after it had been evacuated. I’ll spare you the rest of the details”

The guy that did the stabbing was born in another country, and had stabbed a Carnival worker on his way home. Dude got on in Brandon, and didn’t make that short 2 hour journey. The Bus came from Edmonton, and was going to Winnipeg (all Canadian destinations, but across two provinces).

Besides that, the term Canadian is a very ambigious one. We’ve got people living here that don’t call themselves Canadian, but as people from country X living in Canada. When a person finally starts calling themselves Canadian though, regardless their country of origin, THAT is when a person truely is Canadian.
It’s a state of mind I guess.
As for visiting here, well that is best answered like this: It’s a great place to live, but I wouldn’t wanna visit there. Really, there are few places us Canadians actually WANT to go to.

Banff is nice; Saskatchewan and Manitoba though… lets just say they’re a little boring. Well, actually they have probably thee best non-pro hockey teams and games you’ll ever see. Every little town in these provinces has an NHL player from it.
BC is where Albertans move during the summer; BC is where hippies live all year ’round (not really, but that’s kinda the mentality there in every place besides Vancouver). They make a good beer.
Ontario is the centre of the universe, until Alberta stepped in last election. Really, Toronto IS the centre of Canada, from a business perspective. All money flows towards that central location as some point, even our Alberta gold.
Montreal, Quebec is the place you want to visit (well, not if you’re the majority of french-razzing Canadians), but it is the most beautiful and art-filled city we have to offer. The only downside is that it’s full of french.
The maritimes are a place us mainlanders should visit; we hear how wonderful it is from all the Newfys that have moved here. Not because it sucks or anything, there’s just not alot of work out there.
The territories are a place to make money really; not much worth seeing beyond the seasonal Arora Borealis and wild Polar Bears.
Finally there is the current centre of Canada, Alberta. We’ve got the Rockies (well the top 1/3 of them, shared with BC), and we’ve got the Calgary Stampede, as well as the West Edmonton Mall. Alberta is a working-mans’ province, so that is the mentality you’ll get here.

Just remember, even if your not a rare jewel, your a beautiful butterfly….just like all the other beautiful butterflies.

As an American born Canadian by choice a few tips about Canada, if you are coming for a visit:
1) leave your guns at home. There are fairly strict gun laws here, and the least you can hope for if you are caught with a hand gun, say at the border, is it is gone,forever. I moved to Canada udring the winter of 1968 and it was atleast April of 1969 before i figured out that Canadian cops actually carried guns. In 40 years I have seen cops with guns drawn a total of four (4) times.
Toronto has a real gun problem, by Canadian standards, there will be some thing like 50 homicides in Toronto per year. Windsor Ontario had a cop shot down trying to make a drug bust last year, the first Windsor cop to be killed by gunfire in the hsitroy of the force.
2) Bring you liquor and smokes with you, the cost here is outrageous. A package of cigarettes is about $8 in Ontario.
3) While all of Canada is generally friendly, Manitoba and Saskatchewan are about as geographically interesting as say Kansas.
4) If you are into nature you can find something of interest in any province.
5) Financially Toronto is the hub of Canada, and while it has a lot of arts and music, it probably come second to Montreal.
6) If you are going to quebec memorize the phrase “je regrette, je ne parle pas francais. je suis une American.” It admits they have the right to speak their own language, and it is you short coming asking them to speak yours, instead of demanding them to speak your language. this along with a pad and pen got me through the Montreal Olympics even when I was tenting in a small village where the people really didn’t speak much English, not just being stubborn to obnoxious “Anglais”. If you are going to Quebec, make sure you also take in Quebec City.
7) Ottawa is the nations capitol, and a great place to visit, lots of musems, galleries,couple of major univerisities, lots of cafes etc. and a major animation festival (also major film festivals held in Montreal and Toronto), and then there are the cons too.
8) The Rockies are even better in Canada than the US (or so I was told two years ago by tourists from both California and Colorado, when we were in Banff.
9) Vancouver is our “left coast” and is to the rest of Canada as San Francisco is to the rest of the US.
10) The East Coast has Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Sotia, and what I have seen of them was great, but I really don’t quite know what to compare them to.
11) Most Canadians, other than the East Coast and Quebec, speak a bland form of English which most Americans will find easy to understand. They do use an interjection in conversation “eh”.(pronouced ay, like a long a, as in hay). It takes the place of huh or duh, and sometimes is used to mark a question, and sometimes is just a space filler, eh?
12) DO NOT bring your skis during the summer, its not global warming, we just don’t have snow all year round. in fact where I live we get damn little snow (usually), but if go across Lake Erie from where I am you’ll be near Cleveland Ohio, they get lots.
Enjoy, eh?

Australians only has one ‘i’. But yeah, we are pretty awesome. With sexy accents. <3

Just catching up after not reading for ages… Forgot how good this comic is <3

“Is it just me, or is something off with the perspective? Edward isn’t that much shorter than Nina, is he?

“Crave edit: He’s inside a tiny panel in the corner at a different size ratio.”

Ah. See, I took that panel for a bookcase. It might have been clearer had you kept the book Ed’s holding inside the panel.

Her reason for reading books is the same reason I enjoy playing video games so much; living the dream, even if I’ll likely never achieve such prowess in the “real world.”

well not to split hairs but seeing as how canada is still part of England i’ll dub them America will the suck redistributed (seriously between that and there dramas other than degrasi i thing it evens out)

Just for the sake of saying it, I come from “Down Under”. And for some unknown reason putting it like that makes me think weird things =|

I think this is the point at which I feel in love with Nina. It’s the book fetishism, I’ll admit it. Well, that and the casual physical affection.

This is, of course, overly dramatic, as, alas, she is but a fictional character.

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