I just made a clay model of my dog that passed, and painted it with her colours, just so I could be close to her.
My heart goes out to you. I’d make a joke to try to cheer you, but it’s not a funny time right now and what I got is lame.

If this was set in Nazi Germany, a common safe combination would have been Hitler’s birthday.

Fun fact: a close friend of mine was born on April 20th, and the coincidence is the only way I remember the date. (I’m a WWII buff.)

Another fun fact: The current (post-WW2) German “Grundgesetz” (literally basic law, basically our constitution) has an article 20, subarticle 4, also spelled “GG Art. 20.4” which states “Against anyone who undertakes to dismantle this [constitution], every German has the right to resistance, if other means are not available”. This would legalize (armed) resistance against anyone trying to destroy the democratic constitution, if other means (like the court system) are not available. So basically it is meant to legalize resistance against another Nazi regime or anything similar.
I don’t know if the fathers of our constitution did this on purpose (dates here are written in the day.month format, so April 20th is 20.04.) or if it was just a lucky coincidence, but I find it very fitting.

If the lockpicking lawyer has taught me anything it is that it can probably be unlocked with a shim of metal or a swift drop on a particular side.

Yeah, they can Google the specific model when they get home. It’s old-ish, so any exploits would likely be online somewhere.

You still run a railroad better than Southern Rail in the UK and especially the HS2 project which should never have been allwoed in the first place.

Mini-safes are portable. I’m just sayin’.

“So…there’s this big hole in the wall, looks about the right size for a safe. You know anything about that?”

“Guy died in a hidden sub-basement. Who KNOWS what was going through his head? Maybe he died before he could put in the safe. You think about THAT, slumlord Bob?”

personally, I wouldn’t hold it against you if you just stopped posting for a few days. get your head together, you know? it’s healthier to take some time to yourself when something big like that throws you for a loop.

He may be afraid that if he ever bteaks schedule the temptation to do it again and again will become irresistable. Sometimesbthe daily routine is what keeps one going through tough times.

I deal with one thing at a time, but I start the day by getting out of bed, eating a “real” ®? breakfast**, and getting dressed. I may work, I may Art, I may make lunch or not, or make dinner, … or…Not. But I stick to the routine. Get up, eat, get dressed, then I fight whatever dragons I can.

** Real Breakfast™? 2cups coffee, 1 bowl cereal, 1egg, 2 sausage patties, 2 slices WhWh toast, grapefruit or orange or apple.

Just realized. Nina isn’t there, is she. She’s going to be soooooo jealous.

Or she may be getting a different kind of thrill elsewhere (who else isn’t present?) and will be too busy glowing to care …

We haven’t seen Wes, or those three people who steal from the store, for awhile…

Hey, I don’t think Nina’s that kind of gal! :-)

Oops. Sorry.

Maybe Nina is out doing all those “good girl” thrills, like:
riding roller coasters, and meeting her friends for hot fudge sundaes, and listening to…who is that hot, hot singer now?….Ricky Nelson?…

Postmodern Jukebox for that modern music with an old timey feel.

(Old Town Road as 1930s jazz, Young Dumb and Broke as 50s pop, that sort of thing.)

Thanks for telling me about the bands. :D
If you like 1950s + 1960s-sounding bands, You might like Los Lobos.
Los Lobos did the song: Shakin’, shakin’ shakes.

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