2192 Coming Of Rage.

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Honestly, even as I was writing the bunker arc I was sad that half the cast wasn’t there to have the experience, but Having them all there wouldn’t have worked very well, especially since the group was established & I added in 4 more characters to position everything the way I wanted for the overall narrative to proceed.


There wasn’t room for it anyway. More people would’ve taken time from your efforts to making us all reluctantly come around to kinda-sorta liking Reggie…

Is she seriously mad about this? Really?

Come back Monday to find out.

Oh, you really expect us to interrupt our lives to read your little comic? Every week, three times a week. Set my schedule to read my other regulars by your update schedule. Usually read it last. And read the comments. Only one where I usually read them all.

Thomas, buy her a Playgirl magazine or something to calm her down!

I’ve heard that the main market for Playgirl turned out not to be women but homosexual males.


Studies have found that men get aroused more via visual stimulation, regardless of sexuality, so porn pics are going to be more appealing to male audiences, whereas women tend to get more aroused via intellectual stimulation, so erotica tends to draw more of a female audience. Interestingly, this is why male/male slash fics are more popular amongst straight and bi women than gay men, and similarly lesbian porn is more popular amongst straight (and maybe bi? I don’t know the data on that bit) men than lesbian women.

Granted there are exceptions to every rule, so that’s not to say that there AREN’T women who would appreciate playgirl magazine, but there are statistically way more gay men that would. Given Nina’s love of books and literature, I’d wager she’d very much prefer erotica over pictures of muscle men, especially since I don’t recall if we’ve been told what her type actually is, but I frankly doubt it’s that.

Sounds right. I knew some people working a liquor store in the 90s and they said everyone who bought Playgirl was a guy with a cover story about buying it for his wife/girlfriend.

I didn’t do a study, exactly, but when I was in high school, once or twice a month I would go to the local bookstore which had a poorly supervised adult magazine display and peruse the new stock. I picked up a Playgirl exactly once, to see what it was. I don’t recall opening it.

If I recall correctly, it was roughly three years between when I found that I could simply walk in there and look at the porn mags and nobody would stop me, and I could even buy them without anyone blinking an eye, before I graduated from high school. In that time, I do not recall any women or girls ever looking at Playgirl or the other two magazines of similar nature and content. Two or three perused some of the same magazines that I did.

Maybe half a dozen guys, on the other hand, did look at those magazines, one of whom was one of my classmates.

I paid less attention to who simply walked up, grabbed a magazine, and left without perusing it. For most of those three years, I was under the official age for me to doing what I was doing, and I was very aware of it. I think I only went there to peruse three times after attaining that age. So I paid attention to the people who seemed to me to be more of a threat. But I don’t think there were any women or girls who went after the Playgirls for a quick purchase without review either.

Thomas, calling on the phone:
“Hey NINA!
I just found a dead body!
Wanna come over???”

*Nina hangs up*

I think that a large part of Nina’s beauty (for me) is that she is at least as smart – or if not as smart, then at least as clever as Tommy-boy. Thomas, face it, she’s your equal in smarts, or if not, then in cleverness she maybe your better-than.
And she’s playful, and being both clever and playful she can yank Thomas’ chain oh-So-well.

One way to look at a once-in-a-life-time adventure is that while it is exciting and fun it is also something where you wouldn’t want a steady diet of that thing. Nina will have her own adventures if she is open to them (she certainly seems to be), They just won’t be this specific activity. Nina is just guilting Thomas because he didn’t bring her along.


Letting the days go by, let the NINA hold me down
Letting the days go by, water flowing underground
Into the blue again after the money’s gone
Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground

I wonder what we’ll see when she finds out Ed was there without her.

Who else in the core group wasn’t there? Mike and Nina.

Nina in that first panel is such a great look for her with the narrowed eyes… Reaffirms that I love her the most of all the characters.

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