1229 Tragic.

It has been nothing but dust and high winds for several days. It’s like breathing sod. Everything has a fine layer of grit that respawns seconds after you wipe it away. It is, obviously, unpleasant. Apart from that I’m not at liberty to discuss what else has been going on, so i’ll tell you about a game I got instead. It’s called Yumi’s Odd Odyssey. The plot is nearly non existant, but you’re essentially one member of a group of possible players. Yumi is the default. She’s stranded in a strange alternate world that looks like a Japanese high schooler’s nightmare. Armed with a length of fishing line you set off to find your way home.
The game itself reminds me of Bionic Commando in some ways. The fishing line functions similarly in some ways. You use the line to scale various obstacles and defeat various enemies. Along the way you can gather hidden items that unlock alt costumes and whatnot. It’s basically a puzzle platformer. What’s fun about it though is that you don’t have to follow the plan laid out by the designers. In fact you are often rewarded when you test the limits of the game’s physics. It takes some getting used to, but once you master the fishing line you’ll be doing pretty amazing tricks as you flip yourself across levels like a modern day Tarzan. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s one of the better downloadable titles for the 3DS. As far as I know this is one of the only times the series has made it to America. I’d like to see more stuff like this wander over.

I actually first saw this game on an episode of Game Center CX, and was disappointed to learn that you couldn’t purchase it in America at the time. Umihara Kawase is the Japanese title if you want to try and look up the episode of Game Center. If seeing the Chief play doesn’t make you want to try then pass it by. If you’re like me and couldn’t wait to get your hands on the game after seeing someone else play then download it. I don’t feel like I wasted my money. Hopefully you won’t either.


A young aunt huh? An interesting bit of dialogue.
I knew a guy at school who is younger than his nephew by 6 years. That’s what happens when grandma has kids way spread out.

I was thinking the same thing. My grandmother’s youngest son is 15 years younger than my father. And he got kids when he was nearing 40, while my dad was still in his 20s when he got his kids. Our grandparents’ generation was the last generation to generally have plenty of kids, because this was the era where suddenly, you could expect all your children to grow up; but before people had adjusted to this fact by not having so many kids.

In short, an aunt that is as old or even younger than her nephew isn’t at all that unlikely.

I have a step-step niece in-law who’s 20 years older than me. Don’t think she’s ever called me “Uncle”. My oldest grand-nephew is 16 and 6’2″. My sister has been mistaken for my mom and my wife. It can be a little unusual sometimes.

It would have been a whole different comic if it was made during the times, “Thomas run Bartertown” but at least Reggie would have been familiar by that point… I’ve don’t know if I’ve seen a show where the shadow puppetmaster was FORCED to be the lord out in the light. (probably but not so many that I can come up with one quickly)

Thomas in charge? No wonder he pushed to get Carol hired! @Observer brings up a very good scenario — where the secret Power Behind the Throne must become Supreme Leader. I haven’t seen any episodes of Game of Thrones (it’s not available on my cable plan, and I have no time anyhow) but it sounds like a subplot!

And yeah, I went to school with two twin brothers who were a few months older than one of their uncles. A couple that I worked with had two sons, one of whom was two weeks older than his Mom’s youngest brother!

Mother’s brother’s daughter has fallen in love,
I’m here with flowers in time for the wedding,
I’ll sleep in strange bedding,
Right next to my cousin, who’s mother is my cousin, too,
And I meet new strangers they say ‘it’s your mom’s youngest brother’,
Who works for a place that pays him great wages, I listen in stages,
And Aunt says ‘make money’;
She speaks to me in broken English today.

Can you get me out of here, and leave this all behind?
Can you get me out of here, and leave this all behind?
Can you get me out of here, and leave this all behind?
Can you get me out of here, I still have fear,
Welcome me with another cheer.

Sadly I never learned how to speak other, than what my friends sputtered,
Aloud in the Korean language class
Wasted on my ignorance to be part of the American Way,
And I say Korea I’m lost and I wish I was found,
And I may never see Auntie again,
She cries at the airport, I fly back to my port
Where safety is granted to me, don’t you see?

Can you get me out of here, and leave this all behind?
Can you get me out of here, and leave this all behind?
Can you get me out of here, and leave this all behind?
Can you get me out of here, I still have fear,
Welcome me with another cheer.

Judging by the accessories in the packages, I’ma say those are wrestling figures, back there.

…because I feel the need to point that out?

Anyway, thanks for the little review of Yumi’s Odd Odyssey. I had seen it in the 3DS store, but the videos and descriptions sometimes don’t win me over.

Age gaps between siblings can be rather big, about 20 years between my father and his oldest sister. Young aunts wouldn’t surprise me.

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