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Thanksgiving was fine, in case you were curious. As festive as it could have been under the circumstances.

Unfortunately I came home to a dying cat. Our 20ish year old Siamese, Claws, is not long for this world. He’s been deteriorating for a while now. He’s crazy old for a cat. Literally. He hasn’t been right in the head for a while. Apparently cats get dementia too at advanced ages. He still managed to make it to his food plate every day, but now he can’t really walk. I brought him his food but now he doesn’t seem to be able to eat or drink. He’s just old and unhappy. If it hadn’t been for him picking the holiday to check out I probably would have had him euthanized. Rather than this sad mess.

I had been hoping to do some catch up work this weekend since everyone was gone, but fuck me, I guess.

Unless he, or one of his brothers, fathered some unknown kittens the line ends with him. That’s the saddest thing about it all to me. His line were all super nice cats. They lived a good long time and were mostly disease free. They came from my uncle Jason’s original cats. When he died the cats were dispersed across our family. Caws is one of those cats who loves people who are allergic to cats. He thought my friend Chris was the best person in the world. Chris liked him a lot too, in spite of getting red, watery, eyes and sneezing every time Claws would wallow in his lap.

We probably won’t get another cat. Five dogs is more than enough pets.

They finally released the DLC for State Of Decay. I don’t have time for it right now, but I got it so I could have it downloaded and ready for when I do. It was pretty cheap, and looks to be something that will take a lot of time to fully enjoy. I played a few minutes just to get the feel of it and it really kicks up the fear factor. I absolutely felt like I was fucked right from the start. Zeds are everywhere and aggressive. On top of that your stamina depletes faster. It is really easy to get overwhelmed at level one. It’s also not safe at your first base. I joined up with a group at a farmhouse with pretty good defenses, but a group of zombies attacked and NOBODY came outside to help. I tried running inside, but it didn’t help. By the time anyone decided to give a shit it was too late. First death was within ten minutes of starting. I never died in the original game when it wasn’t on purpose; to clear out dead weight from a compound. The Breakdown DLC is relentless. There were hoards attacking the base from the second I joined and they showed no sign of stopping when I quit. There were also two or three missions spawning from the second I got to the base. It basically never stops if my 15 minute test was any indication.

Apparently after you do certain objectives it unlocks “hero” characters for you to play as in subsequent games. The images are blanked out but they seem to be the named characters from the story mode of the original game. So now we’ll all finally be able to play as Allan Gunderson, the dick you fantasize about killing for the first part of the story. Pastor Will also seems to be an option. It’s good to see a fatty represented as a possible survivor of the zombie uprising.

Anyway, I’ll probably tell you about my exploits as they happen, if they are worth talking about. Even if they aren’t it’s still a possibility, if I’m honest…


Oh hey Reggie. We haven’t seen you in awhile.

Aaaw poor kitty :( And 5 dogs? Wow, what kind?

Chocklit lab, Bassett, fuzzy something, and 2 chihuahuas.

Chocolate lab — my fav’rit’ flavor. Not so much the Meth Lab; I think they have too much Pit Bull Terrorist in them…

Meth Lab?

Black Lab, Yellow Lab, Chocolate Lab, Meth Lab… You tell me which is the most dangerous…

Me, I’ve got a MuttPuppy. 1/8 Australian Shepherd, 1/8 German Shepherd, 1/8 Boxer, 5/8 God Knows What, at least according to her DNA analysis. We were sure she had at least some Australian Cattle Dog in her, but it must be more than four generation back. Just a smell of Borzoi (1/16?) and Australian Kelpie (1/32?) I’ve got more Cherokee blood than that.

I’m kinda wondering what he blew up. (remembering mike all singed up when he was talking to Thomas’s ex and not wanting to go into why he was singe)

Jo doing another one of her quotes or just a happy accident?

It’s a quote from “Clerks” which I totally already knew without having to google it before replying. *cough*

Well he’s on lunch so he has the most legitimate reason.

He has A legitimate reason. I don’t know if it’s the most legitimate one.

I know about how sad it can be to lose your furry friends. I had my Moki for 13 years. I had to euthanize him about 10 hours after my daughter was born. Talk about mixed emotions.

Hey Crave, I played a lot of State of Decay a while back (on a friend’s xbox at the time) and when you mentioned Pastor Will and Alan, I thought I should bring up something interesting I found out during one strange playthrough.

You see, during one playthrough I was taking Alan out for one of those “blowing off steam” missions when we were attacked by a juggernaut. He died before I could kill it, the thing ripped him apart. This happened BEFORE the (SPOILERS)

(continued for lack of spoilers) death of Pastor Will at Alan’s hands. This meant that he never got his cutscene death, which meant he was a survivor. Not even 2 days later, while out on a mission, I received a notification that a survivor, specifically Pastor Will, had turned inside the base and killed two more of my survivors before he was brought down. It was a humbling experience to realize that, for such an asshole, Alan was actually right.

Reggie seems…normal, without the uniform. He doesn’t look pompous, and could almost be mistaken for someone who doesn’t give a f***. He looks like someone one would want to get along with.

Come to think of it, has he ever been shown in the comic without his uniform on?

Why, I thought he looked a bit more lovable than usual. Could it really be the uniform, I wonder…

It’s the sentiment. Have you never had co-workers who always seem like they are goofing off or talking while you are working hard? Just because he’s wrong this time doesn’t mean he’s never right…

I also sometimes eat my sandwich outside on lunch. So yes, He’s being super normal not as dickish as we expect from him.

My Mom lost three Siamese cats a few weeks apart, all 19 years old. Two were relatively recent arrivals (seven years) but the third was an old buddy from when I was living at home. My family had Siamese cats from the time I was seven until long after I bought homes of my own, all of them male except one of the last three. It wasn’t until the last eight or nine years, after the last Siamese, that Mom acquired a ‘slightly used’ Calico cat. That one has outlived her by almost two years so far, but we’ve lost touch with her new, third family.

Oh, yeah.

States of Decay.

Nothing to do with the game, really, although some of these scenes would make great backgrounds. Daniel Barter is a Flickr contact; if you like his stuff, you can buy one of his books at Amazon. And tell him Perfesser Bear sent you.

Sorry about poor Claws. It hurts to lose a pet that you’ve had for years; they are part of the family. My Russian Blue lived to be 20 before she contracted feline leukemia. It was heart wrenching to have her put down.

20 years is really old for a cat. Congrats to Claws for making it two decades.

I always thought cats had an inborn Allerg-O-Meter which told them who was allergic and who wasn’t, so they could properly budget their time. I actually like cats slightly better than dogs (though I like both just fine) AND I’m allergic.

Thanks to the wonders of over-the-counter Claratin, I have a solution that benefits everybody.

Cats like people who avoid eye contact and tend to shy away from them. Which is what most people who are allergic to them do. I only know of one person allergic to cats who understands the trick is to be excited to see them.

I feel for you. My wife and I went through this about a 18 months ago. Sundance was 16 years old and basically went down hill in three months, until it reached the point we felt he was suffering more beyond what he was comfortable tolerating. I don’t regret the decision to have him euthanized; he had a marvelous ride and got more than his money’s worth.

‘Scuse me; something’s in my eye AGAIN, dammit.

I’m genuinely sorry about your cat. 20 years old is pretty damn old for a cat (tho many of ours live about that long, as well: Artemis, Jasmine, Rheshik [I’ve never known how mom spelled his name]). I lost Jasmine a year or so back, and I am still not the same. Sure the litter-o’-fives’ Sable has taken to me, and I love to dote on Frodo… those two are technically Mom and Dad’s respectively, and even if they weren’t, I dunno, just not the same as Jasmine. I had her since she was a kitten, and I was a wee tod! I grew up with that cat and I’m not sure about any other cat who comes into my life.

Is it just me or did anyone else see the cloud in the background and think Reggie had lit something up?
Sorry to here about the loss of a friend.

I’ve been reading the archive for months, inlcuding your posts and the comments of the many recurring readers that also share their opinions in a respectful and proper manner.

As I finally catche d up, I think it is a good time to say thank you for your work, now i’ll catch up with the fiction story and put this one on Rss.

thanks again

Hey Crave, just wanted to say that the artwork in this comic looks awesome! I can’t put my finger on it, but it just seems even better than normal – your art keeps improving and getting even better, and I greatly enjoy following the comic!

Aw, Crave…I’m having the same situation here with one of our kitties. He’s getting scrawnier every single day; he’s getting canned food now on top of the dry feeder, but he never eats much of either. We have 4 other cats & 2 dogs, but God that doesn’t make it hurt any less. My Tigger’s not as old as your Claw, but he’s not a kitten either.

I’m sorry for what you’re going through, friend. I’m here for you.

So Mike is covered in dust and/or singeing, but Reggie escapes his disaster(s?) unscathed? Blasphemy! Or was the damage just confined to his work shirt (again)?

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