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I wasn’t exactly how blatant I needed this to be for the premise to work. The first version spelled it out explicitly & was cumbersome. I rarely ask for outside input but I asked a friend if it was too much & they weren’t phased by the sexual implications at all. I went back and forth on the dialogue until it got to a point where Carol’s last line felt conversational & a little flirty. Maybe that sounds odd when the characters regularly swear & speak about rude things, but in my head there’s a demarcation between being conversationally explicit and being explicit in an intimate way. Right now in their world it’s just them, but I know that thousands of people are going to be observing this & it’s kind of a private thing for them. I don’t know. It’s just a weird hang up I have, in the very specific context of this comic world that I don’t usually have outside of it.


The characters that I write, tell me quite forcefully what I can make them do, and what they just will not do in a story. I make demands, “Hey, I’m the author here!” And they make counter claims: “Heh-Heh, you want me to appear believable? Then back off, Joe! Don’t make threats.” It’s not that I lose the argument, I just don’t always get my way.

I gotta say that bit of anxiety that Carol is feeling is well conveyed by her expression in panel one. It’s subtle but it fits.

I actually like natural this feels, though I may be biased since their dynamic is A LOT like my fiance and I.

Even when we’re being flirtatious in private we try to avoid being too explicit (because intimation is fun and a GOOD double entendre is priceless) but the occasional assault with a blunt declaration helps keep things fresh!

I seem to remember that the last time we saw Thomas driving, he had some sort of Detroit classic car? Carol is stated to have a car, somewhere along the line – do they BOTH run cars on retail wages?

I don’t make very much, and I have 4 vehicles running and insured, one not running but insured, and lots of “projects” -oh and a company pickup. They’re all junk, but they run, and each one has different purposes. Insurance (liability) is fairly cheap here. People are always saying I should sell them all and buy one nice one. All of them together wouldn’t bring much, and what would I replace- the 3/4 ton 4×4 that will pull a load, the compact 4×4 that’ll go about anywhere, the midsize 2wd with a camper top, or the compact suv that sometimes gets 30+mpg.

I don’t know why a person wouldn’t be able to have a car on a retail wage. I did. It took the better part of a decade to pay off, but I did. Plus fed myself, paid rent, and every other regular life thing.

If their neck of the woods is anything like mine, a car is not an option. Gotta have wheels to get anywhere around here. Even if they’re driving with no insurance and expired registration, you actually NEED a car to get to and from work.

And Thomas has a cheap old car that is haunted.

Yep, If you live west of the Mississippi and you aren’t in a city of at least 100,000 people then almost everything is an hour’s drive from wherever you are. I suspect that if the local city didn’t have a large airforce base it wouldn’t have as much public transportation (buses) as it does. Around here, pickups in particular are never really retired. They just get driven until they dissolve into a cloud of rust or get harvested for parts.

Just my view- I don’t think most of the BF readers will be startled by this page’s [risque] language.

In the past- the comic’s characters have said the f-word + the s-word, +…I think…Thomas + Carol have discussed Thomas’ “special parts”, and the crew has done things like that.

Therefore- I think that most, usual, BF readers will be OK with today’s page.

Hi Jackie,
This is from a while back, but-
one time, in the comments, you were asking about a TV show, about a girl trapped in a library.

I remember this one, from the 1970s or 1980s- It’s named: The Incredible Book Escape .
This was an episode from a 1979 – 1983 tv show, named: CBS Library.

In this episode, there is a cartoon girl, named Myra…I think…who makes imagined stuff turn into real/physical things.

Here’s the link to IMDB’s info on the show: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0284205/

I think you wondered if that show had the song, “Misty, misty morning”, in it. I didn’t find info on that song, but maybe it’s in that episode. Apologizes for the long comment. :)

This is the one that has the clip called The Ghost In The Shed in it, which I only ever found outside of the framework of the show. There’s another one with a similar plot where the protagonist is, I think, trapped in a library, but has to talk to a disembodied voice, or maybe a wizard to accomplish whatever the criteria were for escape. That’s the one I think might have the version of misty moisty morning I’m thinking of, but it may be a different show.

It wasn’t the one you were looking for, but I’m glad that I found a show that both you and I like, fwiw. :)

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