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I had a weird though as I posted this. The page count now is either getting close to, or exceeding the date I will be alive. A bit morbid perhaps, but no less accurate for it. I remember in school when a teacher said we’d live to see the year 2000 most likely thinking it was so far away, and now it’s 18 years in the rear view. That version of me wouldn’t be totally dumbfounded by the current version since the least likely outcome, the one he struggled not to have happen, happened anyway.


I remember telling my friends in high school that one day we’d have to explain Marilyn Manson to our kids.

Even I had no idea he’d still be kind of a thing. Let alone Smash Mouth, currently on tour.

Oh yeah, I can remember figuring up how old I would be in the year 2000 and feeling that 37 was just incomprehensibly old.

I’m always thinking about how old I’ll be in relation to my son’s life. So I’m 50 in like three years (2022). When I turned 28 in 1999, I was kind of surprised I was working in a tech company that predicted that we’ll be using online transactions to pay for most of our stuff (and Bitcoin). So you never know what’s going to happen.

You probably could use [release forms] instead, if you’d like to.

You know, a form that says: [ If I do this activity, or go into this risky building, + I get hurt, then it’s all my fault/responsibility, + I’m not going to sue anyone for it. ]

Or some form like that.

I remember back in the 50’s seeing a picture of what cities would look like in 1975. 1975 was the far future. They don’t look like that yet. Though singapore’s (i think) weird tripartite tower xset with a shared roof terrace is a baby step in that direction.

I remember back in grade school when I first learned how to do arithmetic I figured out how old I would be in the year 2000. 46 years old. And to an 8 year old it seemed like it would take forever. And yet it is 23 years ago now.

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