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I think, in many ways, The Real Ghostbusters was better overall that Ghostbusters. It’s not a one to one comparison because the goals were different. As a singular entity Ghostbusters is as close to a perfect movie as you can reasonably hope for. That said, the episodic nature of TRG allowed it to expand on the characters and ideas in a more fun way than the movie could. Maybe I just have an affinity for episodic content, but The Clone Wars is better than the prequel films overall even though it builds from them. I’m not sure if I’m explaining myself properly. I’m stuck in an uncomfortable position for typing and it’s not helping me sort out my ideas.

It’s hardly important. I just feel like being able to explore the idea more fully is an advantage that a movie doesn’t get to use. If I was stuck with only being able to have one of them I would choose he cartoon is what I’m saying.


So what you’re saying is…. you want to make this comic a cartoon?

A “Between Failures” series, be it TV or web may prove to be a little out of Jackie’s price range unless some major magic media man happens to stumble upon this page, likes what he sees, and is willing to provide the money for it.

The Clone Wars is better than the prequels because, over all, they’re better written. But I see your point. It wasn’t that the prequels lacked interesting ideas, but how do you explore the life of beings created for the soul purpose of war when your focus is supposed to be on the heroes? Or tell the stories of those little, nowhere planets that end up the hot bed of a war they wanted no part either way in? Even best case, the prequels would have only had so much time to explore certain aspects and other things had to fall by the way side. Whereas a series can have one off episodes exploring a single facet of the world and also tell overarching plots.

Comic-wise, I like the info-drops we’re getting. Rulette’s mom is alive, and is hot. Bob is the landlord for that whole block it seems and can be swayed by “hot” women, and the fact that Rulette is not swaying him says more about him than it does about Rulette.

Author’s “rant”-wise, I get it. A movie is usually anywhere from about an hour and a half to two and a half hours, it can only tell so much while keeping the audience entertained and engaged. A series or miniseries has more time for us to delve in to the characters, get to know them, their family, their motivations for WHY they do what they do which might put their actions in the movie in a different light than we had before.

I saw TRG before the movie, and because I knew the characters so well from the cartoon, especially Janine and slimer ended up being rather disappointing to young me in the movie. At the time I had no idea the movie came first, haha

So, what you’re saying is that if we could have a series of movies, all building upon each other, it would be the best of both worlds? Kind of like Star Trek 2-4, or all the MCU movies? Is that what you’re saying? That endless movie sequels is the best way to go? IYHO

The MCU has dragged on too long for me to care about it any longer. The movies are well done, some are even excellent (loved the first Guardians and Ant-Man), it’s just that it’s an overload when everything is supposed to lead up to fighting purple dude. After the the last Thor movie (2018?), which was funny, but a 180 degree shift from Thor’s previous personality (why is he cracking jokes every other line now?), I haven’t watched another Marvel movie. The first Infinity War movie wasn’t poorly done or anything, there was just too much going on and I found that I didn’t care if I saw the end of it, and I haven’t, though I’m sure my friends who are into it will eventually have me watch it on Blu-Ray.

Maybe it’s just me, but I guess there’s only so much superhero mileage in me before fatigue sets in and I need something more substantial and reality driven, regardless of the quality of the movie.

As for the original Ghostbusters vs the original cartoon, I saw the movie when it came out in theaters and saw the cartoon as soon as it aired on TV, and I like them both separately for different reasons. The movie is highly entertaining, has aged well in storytelling, and hits on some good thematic elements despite being almost entirely a comedy. The cartoon did a great job translating the feel, if not the entire look, of the movie and it expanded upon the Ghostbuster’s world in fun and creative ways. I loved the unique storylines, particularly stand out episodes like the one about Ragnarok and the drawn comicbook characters coming to life, or the one where a bunch of ghosts setup a weird jamboree in the basement next to the containment unit. I haven’t seen the show in decades, but I still remember it fondly. Same for the 90’s Batman Animated Series, both had good stories, animation and great voice acting.

For what it’s worth-
I think that a lot of actors and directors believe that- being in a film [based on a comic book, or a film based on a [ superhero ] comic book, means that the actors HAVE TO play their parts as wildly unrestrained, + as strange, as possible.

When speaking about his part, in the 1990s film, Batman Forever, Tommy Lee Jones said, [paraphrasing]-

I told the director that I was going to do my part as over-the-top, as possible.
I’m playing a cartoon character, and it’s [the director’s] job, to rein me in, when I go too far.

I don’t think most things need to go the same episodic method that the Marvel movies went. Or like Clone Wars. Or Real Ghostbusters. Not everything has enough depth to make more than one “show” of it.

In the case of Clone Wars and Rebels, I think the biggest problem we now have with the Star Wars franchise is that you almost have to watch the animated shows and read all the books to get the full experience along with the movies. For example, everyone is “who tf is Admiral Hux?” Well, if you read the books, you get to understand who he is. If you watch Rebels, you get some of the backstory of why Darth Maul is teased in another movie. Etc.

The same is coming around for the Marvel movies. You only care about the heroes you know, and if you want to know more about them, you gotta watch the other movies. The next big thing about the MCU is going to be all tied into whatever comes from the next Dr. Strange movie (since it has MULTIVERSE in the title). I have a feeling we’re going to see the House of M, Galactus and other big menaces stem from the big Time Heist.

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