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My nephew had a fun time. He played with all the Lego for the whole time they visited. We used my sand colored container to make a large desert biome. Mostly I just handed him sections while he decided how things should go. I didn’t really have time to sit down and sort things out before he came, so everything is sort of messed up. Not that there was a lot of order before, but I did intend, at one point, for there to be some semblance of mimicking how Minecraft would actually look if it was generated and then built from there. I suppose I can do it later and he can help make new bits next time.
I have an ender dragon, that I customized from more than one official version, which he was very impressed with. It’s not much bigger than the biggest official version but it is a little more game accurate and imposing. I don’t have a section for The End that scales very well with it, even though I do have a portal. I need to rebuild the portal structure too.
Anyway, it’s whatever. It’s not like any of this is important as such, it’s just something calming to focus on when I’m not doing work things. I want it to look nice. The sculptural aspect of Lego is something I like very much about it.
Someone got me one of those Lego flower arrangements and I was surprised by how much I actually liked the look of it when it was done. I think they look better than artificial flowers, but that sort of saturated look suits my tastes. I would prefer a set with more green. Something that looks leafy, like a fern. I suppose one will be offered eventually.

I guess I’ll leave it at that for today. Being sick during the middle of the month made things seem to go by faster than usual. It threw me off more than usual. I don’t usually restart pages halfway through, but I did it twice this month. Anyway, if you want to help support my efforts the links above will help with that.

Until next time, keep your stick on the ice.


typo: sensative -> sensitive

Grammar comment: Last panel “Which, sadly to say, …” should be either “sadly said” or “sad to say”

If this was you term paper, surety. Just common folk who think they got good edumacation, cut slack.

After 17 years I would think a person might notice that I write dialogue the way people actually speak, rather than the way a textbook instructs. If your joy comes from pointing out flaws that’s fine, but know that, excepting typos, the words are chosen on purpose.

So, you’re saying that Rulette either doesn’t have (show/display) a college education, or (like me) will sometimes purposely use improper grammar or pronunciation?

Reprimand received.

I have a couple different Lego flower arrangements in my office at work. They look nice, don’t smell, and don’t care if I forget to water them for months on end. :P

I’m glad to hear your nephew had a good time! I’m kind of jealous. Excited for the backstory on Thomas we are (apparently) about to get.

Thomas’ shell is not the same thickness to everyone, right?

He had a long past with Nina. Then the rest of current friends arrive in their own way on their own time.

Carol he was smitten with immediately but the store needed her more than he did.
John and he are longtime best friends but as males they “won’t know anything about each other for a few years yet”.
He got Ed the job.
And finally Brooksie, who only came out of her own shell to many of the Megatainment regulars, including Thomas, after Ed started.

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