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A friend/reader got me a really nice gift the other day & I wanted to take a moment to give them a shout out. Beyond Toybox Their art is mostly NSFW, so you have been warned. They are @BToyboxGalsia on twitter if you’re still suffering through each day on that website…
It’s been my experience that NSFW artists are much nicer on average when compared to other kinds. There are, obviously, some assholes, but the mix isn’t as rich as it is with regular artists. I’ve cultivated long lasting friendships with NSFW artists who are functionally world famous when compared to some of the webcomic artists who have been assholes to me. I don’t know for sure why that is, but maybe it’s because NSFW artists understand that humans are little better than animals so they don’t take themselves too seriously.
I’ve dipped my toes in the water more over this last few years, but I still have a lot of hang ups and get uncomfortable sharing that sort of thing unless I feel like the audience is safe for me. Every time I test the limits and the world doesn’t end I feel a little safer & get more courageous.

Anyway, I expect there will be another update on XMas, right on schedule, like always. Unless something disastrous happens. I’m going to just keep doing what I do because it works. Even if I’m busy or tired it makes me feel better when I just work. I may not be around on the day to interact, but I’ll be here at least in so far as having my content ready for you.


(looks and admires the gift art) Have a very Merry Christmas! And thanks for all the great work!

I empathize about the “it just feels better to be working” thing. Sure, everyone wants a break, but if it goes too long it feels weird, like you’ve forgotten something.

And I’m certainly looking forward to concluding this mystery up proper; too much of this just doesn’t add up.

There is always someone who will test the rule by being overly defensive but my own experience is that the non-conformists in any given group are also the most tolerant.
At any rate I think the mystery is just getting deeper.
Thanks for the Comic and merry Christmas from a long time reader.

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