Thank you for continuing too put out comics, week after week. Often they are amusing, sometimes they really get to the deep issues of life. I read them regularly.

— hendrik

I can always tell what sort of day my wife is having by how far into the house I find the discarded bra. Bedroom, OK… Living room, hummm… Kitchen, oh my… and front door, look out.

Here near the end of 2017, just wanted to say, been reading the strip since it when to color, keep up the insightful and fun commentary on life!

It’s not like I’d want to see that….it’s more like I’d pay to see that. Wish I could be supportive, but hospital, unemployment,etc…

I find this funny. I always take off my bra as soon as I close the front door. It astounds my husband when I do it the same way Carol did. It’s like you drew me, without my glasses. Even down to the cry of “Freedom!”

I’ve seen this first hand so with a little googling I was able to find enough references to draw it. The freedom thing is from a meme I saw. She’s actually aping the image from the meme.

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