I’m grateful they’re doing this joke with ice cream instead of bananas – I mena, the whole “biting it off” at the end is just unpleasant.

Carol’s erotic lapping versus Nina’s rather crude slurping…. hmm…

Crude? I beg to differ! If anything, I’d say Nina’s licking is somewhat more “enthusiastic”. Not what I would call an altogether unwelcome trait.

It’s an evolutionarily advantageous trait. It ensures that the male will be willing to shell out for more ice cream in the future.

hmm remids me of this time i was eating ice cream at work, we were out of spoons so i was eating it like that with a knife, plenty of stares then too

I occasionally use a butterknife to eat. But you have to keep stuff balanced on it, so that means eating it quickly. Not lapping it. Of course, in my book, a bowl is an acceptable cup if necessary, and if ice cream cannot be comfortably chomped or drunk, you need to let it warm.

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