Hope Ed don’t get all jelly school.

I think the whole store has a strong enough collective relationship to avoid that issue. With the exception of Reggie (who keeps showing hidden depths to the point where I have reluctantly decided that I like him a little), everyone seems more or less comfortable with each other and understands how each person within their little ecosystem relates to one another. I’m pretty sure that, at some point, Nina and Thomas’ plans came up in casual conversation around the store, and Ed’s response was “Cool, sounds fun” before turning back to stocking a shelf.

*watching the forest with my girlfriend*
*hobo jumpscare at the start of the movie*
her : *jumps off her seat*
me : *laughs my ass off because I saw it coming a mile away*

guess we’re not all wired the same lol

“Blankets ward off evil spirits. Much in the same way that support from Patreon can ward off evil bill collectors. So if you aren’t supporting me already, could you please find it in your heart to do so.”

I still miss your segues!

I think I’ve reached maximum support from my audience. There’s no one left interested in supporting the comic.

I’m interested, just unfortunately unable. I’ve been a follower of your little microcosm for so many years I’ve lost count. of the six comics I follow religiously, this is the only one that has consistently kept me engaged.

Thank you for sharing your talent. :)

Ed: My cuddle sense is tingling! I must go, my Nina needs me!

*Insert awkward frame shifts here*

:o I’m sensing some cheating about to happen!

Men and women CAN be friends without every action having sexual undertones, you know. I don’t know why your mind is going there, this doesn’t give off a “cheating” vibe whatsoever. They’re just good friends hanging out doing their own thing together.

Well sure, if they have no attraction to each other.

Even with attraction present it’s very much possible to not cheat! In fact, it’s easy.

And yet it happens so often, it’s sad.

I think our bodies fail to read the same books that our brains have read. Or they don’t keep the same hours. Bodies seem to be hardwired to produce offspring, minds seem to want to go fun things and get along. I don’t understand it.

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