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I either fucked up my jaw, or neck, or something, that messed my face up for most of the day today. It was so extremely annoying. It’s still not exactly fine now, but it’s much better than it was. It might be an ear infection, or a sinus infection, or a combination of any of the things I suggested. I’m thinking I got a bit of infection in my jaw from a couple nights ago and that eventually led me to today. Whatever the case is it made the muscles on the side of my head sore, which is uncommon even for me. Apart from that I more or less felt okay today, but the ear, eye, face things was more than enough. It wasn’t so disruptive that I wasn’t able to get the page done, obviously, but I would have liked to have gotten more done today than that any constantly fighting my own body. I really hope this change in diet and whatnot help with my various issues. It would be a real shame to do all this annoying stuff only to die young(ish) anyway. I guess it’s the same way with anything in life. You rolls your dice and takes your chances.

Mom messaged me today and said my nephew asked me to send pictures of the Minecraft Lego setup we play with when he visits so he could “bring back some old memories”. That kid, I swear, such a character. He talks so much like an old man sometimes.

Later she asked me if Dungeon & Dragons is a video game. I told her a lot of things fall under the franchise name and asked why she asked. Apparently they recently published a children’s book using the characters from the D&D cartoon from the 80s and they read it before bed. It’s strange to see Hasbro show love to that version of the franchise after ignoring it for so long. It’s also ironic that it appears after they’ve ruined their relationship to many players in the last month or so.

Reggie very much takes personality inspiration from Erik the cavalier. Abrasive, self centered, arrogant, but ultimately learning to trust people and be decent. That series is much better than it was given credit for and I’m sure it will be totally ruined by Hasbro now that they’ve noticed it. The first wave of figures for the series were a disaster. After waiting decades for them it’s a huge disappointment. Hasbro has dropped the ball with many of their most popular properties recently. When the new D&D movie fails it will be another big loss for them. I just don’t see kids being into the toys nor adult collectors either. Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s hard to know for sure anymore. Movie writing has become so weirdly inept over the last few years you never know what you’re gonna get. The cast seems to be made up of decent actors, but in the clips it’s like they have no charisma at all. Nothing stands out to make me give a shit about them. There’s no hook. You need a good hook, cause the hook brings you back. I ain’t tellin’ you no lie. The hook brings you back. On that you can rely. (Harmonica solo)

I hope my hook brings you back. I hope it induces you to support my work via the links above. Either way, I’ll be back. On that you can rely.


Aw, I’m stoked for the new D&D movie! Of course I also liked the old one, so my taste is trash, but.

I hope your face gets better.

The trailers I’ve seen look encouraging, but then again I’ve seen more than one movie where they used up all the good parts in the trailer.

And now we get to the part where whether it be gently or harshly, someone will break the truth to Maddi that Reggie was never into her. Unless they all decide to chicken out. Although, given Alex’s recent mood…

Jackie, no idea whether this is related, but around Thanksgiving I had some weird respiratory event that started with jaw pain. Thought I popped the left TMJ at first, still not sure. It developed into something like a mean cold or very mild flu that hung on for about a month altogether. Ear and jaw pain, mildly sore throat, hoarseness, coughing, sneezing, sinus congestion, and a brief low fever of about 100 F for just a day or two. Ibuprofen helped some. Tested negative for covid, and it didn’t feel like bronchitis or mycoplasmic pneumonia (I’ve had both more than once). Pretty sure it was viral. What you’re describing sounds sadly familiar, and I hope it’s not whatever I had. Take care!

Decades ago, one day my father couldn’t close his mouth and it hurt. He sought medical advice (those were the days he could still see his GP on short notice). I don’t remember what the diagnosis or treatment were, but he was better the same day.

Me, I had a double root canal last week (but on two different days at least).

The first one was basically painless, while the second one had a live nerve that when severed, even while anesthesized, caused a very strange sensation to shoot up from the tooth into the brain and settling like a fish net all over the surface of the left side of the brain. In a second or so it was gone. Not exactly painful but definitely next door.

The next pain will originate from my wallet.

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