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Reggie has been pretty kind to Maddison in most of their interactions, but he’s not the kind of person to peel the band-aid off slowly. Her friend’s have clearly made a bad habit of indulging her deficiencies. Unfortunately in that sort of scenario the person in question always meets up with someone outside the circle that, intentionally or not, causes reality to check in on things.

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I’m still having some issues with my jaw and sinuses. The left side has been draining consistently for however many days. I think maybe washing my eyes out caused something to shake loose on that side that has been blocked up, or not working, for quite some time. It’s been coming and going and I’m not sure what the right balance is for cleansing versus letting it alone. The dizziness is the most annoying thing but it’s reduced a lot since the day it was the worst. The side of my head isn’t sore anymore so it seems like the inflammation has gone down quite a bit.

Overall the eye wash has been positive and worked better than basically everything I’ve ever tried before. The sinus infection may, or may not, be related. It may not be an infection. Generally it feels like the situation is trending upward at any rate. I guess if that changes I’ll let you know on Friday. Until then, keep your stick on the ice.


It’s been a long time coming, but it had to be said. Good on Reggie for not beating around the bush. He’s absolutely right in that he isn’t an object Maddison can just claim possession of. Not to mention, her crush on him is pretty shallow. Whether one ships Reggie with Alex or not, it can’t be denied the two of them have much more meaningful and deep conversation. Maddi will just have to accept she won’t be getting her way this time.

Maddi casts ‘Big Blue Googly Eyes’. We shall see whether it’s effective.

Maddie, Reggie’s right on this. Also, as Alex explained earlier, nobody was there so your dibs didn’t count even if you could call dibs on a person.

Gawd, her doe eyes must be incredible.

(Yes, I may be sending mixed messages.)

It should be noted to the court that Reggie has acknowledged that he is, indeed, cute.

The rest of today’s dialogue was so meaty that that part of Reggie’s reply flew right past me.

But we do have it on record that he has the best eyes ever and at least one those green eyes–I can’t even.

Keep your stick on the ice.

Huaaaaaaw, Uncle Red.

And no, Madison, you haven’t been able to call dibs on a person since around 1840 or so.

I had a friend in high school that was fairly sheltered and na├»ve, she wasn’t stupid, more willfully ignorant of certain aspects of the human condition. I was the only member of her friend group who didn’t indulge her innocence both because I recognized it would only cause problems for her in the long run, and because it was frankly frustrating as all hell to have to censor myself in her presence. As far as I’m concerned if something is safe to say in front of a teacher without getting in trouble, it’s safe to say in front of a classmate. I was alone in that opinion, apparently.

You cannot expect the world to indulge naivete, on the contrary it WILL be taken advantage of so long as you are exposed to the broader world. Good friends don’t enable their friends to remain vulnerable. Would you rather they get a wake up call from someone who cares about their wellbeing, or would you rather it happen because some stranger took advantage of them? Kindness isn’t always nice, and being nice isn’t always kind, it takes real strength of character to recognize the difference and choose kindness even when it isn’t nice.

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