Cute reference with her shirt, sir. And the signposting it doesn’t hurt either. Have a nice day!

There is a reference with her shirt? Just looks like random lines to me.

I think it’s a reference to [an internet meme], named Loss.
Loss is meme, inspired by a page from the webcomic: “Ctrl+Alt+Del” by Tim Buckley.

There’s more data about this meme, here:


WoW …. I did not know that but then again I stopped following that artist …. and pretty much anything else online …. around that time due to LIFE giving me a head-fake, flurry to the solar plexus, uppercut and I was down for the count.

I realize I’m just a random guy on the internet, but I hope things have be improving since then, Anonymouse.

Good work as usual! Don’t comment down here enough but I read every page on release :P (yay twitter). As a very tall man I cannot envy Edwards position it is amazing being up here.

I’m short, but there are some cute gals that are shorter yet. Makes it much easier to “look them in the eyes.” Problem being, with a tall full figured woman, that’s about eye level-so it’s like,”I like your hair…nice shoes.”

I read the webcomics, Between Failures, and Questionable Content, quite a lot.

Today, I think my anti-virus software is blocking me from seeing the Questionable Content site, saying- “this site is having problems with RCA”, or words to that effect. Is anyone else having this problem with QC?
[ Sorry about the slightly, off-topic post].

Oh goddamnit all. I just noticed the shirt.
Makes sence; Patricia’s a cheeky one.

Is she wearing it to say- she doesn’t want profit loss, and theft-type loss,…at her store?

She’s wearing it because it’s funny & you can tell who is into internet culture if they mention it.

Internet culture is a like a fridge full of petri dishes.
There are so many of them, all are different and one of them is yours.
Most of them are disgusting in various ways.
Some are pretty in their own way.
A few are actually helpful and useful.
Quite a few could make you sick just by looking at them.
Some could even get you dead on direct exposure.
For most the answer is, Burn it with FIRE.

Amusingly, burn it with fire is what you do with real petri dishes, too.
Jam ’em in the autoclave, bathe them in heat and steam.

As a fellow male member oof the shorty squad (5’5″), I feel Ed’s pain.
Granted, I’ve probably got around 70 lbs on him and broad shoulders, so if I move fast, it offsets the ‘less imposing’ part a bit.

Is it bad that I read Ed’s last line in Darth Vader’s voice? Some part of me would love to hear a depressed disillusioned Darth Vader. XD

Ooh ooh! All this talk about shortness and imposingness, plus my memory of Brooksie’s “Small things have to be [something]” line, reminds me of a novel, Star Trek: Uhura’s Song. One of the focal characters is a shortie who never lets anyone look down on her, metaphorically of course. :) It’s a cheap paperback, not an exceptionally well-written story, but it’s got a lot of good in it. The way the cat people display emotion is done very well, better than possibly every other furry story I’ve read. ;)

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