1726 Mindtaking.

I can’t believe I haven’t used this as a title yet. I checked the archive though and it wasn’t there as far as my search was concerned.
I actually wanted to cut away to something else before this, but I got caught by time constraints and went with what I had enough drawn of to actually finish on time. It doesn’t matter really, but I feel like it would have been funnier if some time passed then I cut back to Thomas having these thoughts after it’s been a while. Implying that it festered for a bit but eventually got to him.

I feel like he would be disappointed in himself for having such a base fantasy with such tenuous backstory.

After finishing this page I realized I forgot to change the file name for the previous one when I started and had deleted the layers. All except for the art one thank goodness. So I went back and put the words back in and the background. Every so often I get too tired and forget to save as a new file when I start a new one. Luckily I habitually save the art layer for a couple of pages in each file just in case. If I lose one I can usually go back and forth a page and recover the linework at least which is the most time consuming part of things.


I do agree that cutting away and back to this would have been funnier, but as your typical internet idiot, I have to thank you for letting this page exist in the public sooner rather than later.

Well,this is how slashfics are born …

I wish. So many of those are just “and then they all fucked” and I’m just “Wait, what? That makes LESS than no sense. Those two can barely be in the same room together, much less the same bed! And he isn’t tall enough to reach that counter top I call BS!”

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