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Dead Rising Wii is not as sucky as the internet might have you believe.  Granted, it’s not as good as the 360 version, but it’s not the failure every video game comic made it out to be.  Right off the bat, the story doesn’t make as much sense because Frank doesn’t use his camera in the opening scenes.  So the critical moments when he first sees the zombie uprising just don’t happen.  Of course the dialogue still references those scenes, so anyone who hasn’t seen the 360 version will be, potentially, confused. 

When I asked the guys at Gamestop if there were going to be enough zombies to keep me busy they assured me my bloodlust would be sated.  I was incredulous.  The internet, a trusted friend to me lo these many years, had assured me there would be few zombies to send to their reward.  Against my insticts I gathered up Dead Rising Wii anyway.  Many hours later the clerk was proven correct.  I did not find myself wanting for more undead.  In fact I found myself thinking “What’s with all these fucking zombies?  I can’t get my bearings at all with these bastards around.” 

Dead Rising was the last 360 game I had any memorable contact with before I stopped selling games myself.  These days an XBOX 360 is so far out of my grasp I barely pay attention to what they’re selling.  The same is true of Sony’s monster console.  Nintendo is the only company that still has some love left for me in the console market.  Which is fine.  My Wii has provided me with much entertainment, but I accept the fact that it really is a step behind, when comparing raw power.  This being so, it’s a testament to the cleverness of the people who ported Dead Rising to it.  The Wii version is a shadow of what the 360 version is, but if that’s all you have access to the sting of what you’re missing is not so great. 

Of course this also goes to show that webcomics are probably not a good source for video game reviews…  Comedy sure.  Objective reporting?  Not so much. 


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