435 White Knight.

I’m uploading this week’s pages with no articles as there is a very real possibility that the snow storm could knock out my internet service.  If you don’t hear from me after this week, then I’ve died someplace in the Colorado wilderness. 

Had a dream where I was living in England, designing new package art for McDonald’s.  No one would talk to me for some reason.  It went on for days.  When I tried to start a conversation with a coworker he just finished his sandwich, got up, and walked away.  So finally I gave up on talking to people until someone brought their kids to work one day.  They just sort of gravitated to me, asking questions about what I was drawing and such.  So eventually, through the kids, I found people who would acknowledge my existence.  It was a weird dream. 


…I now want to see Brooksie go mental on Reggie. This needs to exist.

Brooksie going mental on Reggie would be a loss for her.
Chances are he’d probably come out of it physically worse off, but it would still be her loss.

So the moral is…don’t stick up for your friends?

Like, Ed’s needed this talk for a while, but yeesh.

I figure it’s more like don’t fight their battles if they can handle ’em themselves. I usually leave my friends to their own devices, but if they genuinely need me, then the have my axe. In other terms, don’t killsteal.

Yea… English people cant be utter cunts… take me for example!
however cold humour and intelligence goes over well here, so you’d be fine. The real thing that bothers me however is… MacDonald’s?

Yes, it is fun to play the white knight. But the black king gets more action… Sorry. I suppose that is really only relevant if you watch TNT’s Leverage. Awesome show. And so true!

The problem with WHITE knight is that everyone can see you coming… then again, that’s part of the appeal. Okay, the other problem is repainting your armor when the lacquer gets chipped.

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