436 Hold Out.

Going to a wedding this weekend.  I hope there’s no snow.  It’s such a hassle.  I might end up running a camera, which would be fine.  Having equipment sort of sets you apart from the proceedings.  I prefer to observe social events in that capacity.  If you have a camera some of the rules that might normally apply to you suddenly don’t.  You can wander, move around when stuff is happening, and no one really notices.  It’s like people are naturally trained to ignore the camera guy.  This pleases me as it’s as close to having invisibility powers as I’m likely to ever get.  Plus, you don’t have to explain yourself when you have a camera on your person.  Your function is immediately apparent.  It cuts out the first few moments of the repititious conversation you have with random strangers.  You know, even if I don’t get handed a video camera I think I’ll take my old camera.  It looks professional enough, compared to a digital camera, that I could probably get away with pretending I’m a photographer. 

This is actually a lot to go through to avoid talking to people now that I see it written down…


People frequently are wastes of skin and space, and people who have freedom to be dicks because they’ll never see you again often are more so.
That said, life is empty and fragile if you never have enough people to talk to or call on for help when needed, and the courage to deal with jerks on their own ground–at their own game–and win is generally its own reward once you’ve developed it.

If you happen to fine out your old camera has been converted to a laser cannon and a couple of meatbags don’t walk away from the wedding alive… Well, that’s just unfortunate.

Well, I just found this comic maybe 2-3 hrs ago. It’s better than more webcomics of its type that I’ve read than not, so I read through the archives, get through a little more than two years of comic, and realize that they’re still in their second day of work. It’s uncanny.

Hehehe, yeah, you kind of forget that monumental fact, especially if you read it all at once.

Now one of the joys of my week is to click on here and see there is an update. :)

Silly little anti-social man, that’s a BRILLIANT idea! Now I’ll have to take my camera with me everywhere…
BTW, I’m the sort of person who ends up watching the camera guy. ;)

And I mean ‘everyone’ in the Bene Gesserit sense of ‘smart people/people I like.’ Otherwise my life would get a lot more difficult.

He’s absolutely right. If they can get you angry, they can manipulate you to do what they want. It’s true for other emotions as well.. envy, greed, jealousy…

From 2022: I used to read this webcomic in my senior high school days until I had to move my ass on with life. but yeah, I like this post because he’s right. The world has tons of Reggies, and trust I’ve seen some get their shit clocked in.

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