1245 Afraids.

Ages ago, when I was deciding what the characters would look like, Nina’s eyes were going to be permanently shut, or obscured by hair. At that time it hadn’t been done to death, but the beating had progressed to the point that the concept was fading fast. So, I didn’t do that. She got her sleepy eyes and that whole thing was dropped. I didn’t want it to turn into a Brock from Pok√©mon kind of thing. Fast forward to a while ago…
I decided to add Alexandria into the cast, but she exhibited that design element, because she wasn’t part of the initial plans. I knew it was going to turn into a thing. The longer she went without having her eyes seen the more people would get obsessed. However, I wanted to keep her adorable haircut, so I knew I was going to have to live with it for a while. Her backstory came together pretty fast so I knew this page was coming to relieve the eye obsession. Except I also knew it was going to take forever to get here… But now it’s here and everyone can bask in the glory of another blue eyed character.

I thought I should mention all of this because I suspect I’ll get at least one comment about this “new character” who is not new at all. X3


It frightens me. Take it away. It’s like looking into the face of God. Like, the old testament God where shit was scary and full of wrath.

Nah, that’s just Alexandria, Goddess of the Library. A pissed-off Carol is Old-Testament-y GAHD.

It took me a beat or two to realize just who that was there. I never expected to see her eyes. She’s like a whole other character.

Wait a minute…did she just manipulate John into going with her to a furry meeting, secure that she will not be made fun of by him, AND get him to pay for the food for 2 events? Alex…you magnificent Bastard I read you BOOK!

One of my high school teachers, way back in the sixties, realized that the actual literal meaning of a swearword was irrelevant; what mattered was the intent with which it was delivered. So ages earlier, when *he* was furious with one of *his* teachers, he went up to him and shouted “BOOK”!

I got used to Alex having the old hairstyle (it reminded me of Velma from Scooby Doo, plus she was a librarian so it fit).

Good job on the eyes! But I think you should bring back the hair (just my two cents).

That’s just her ready for a wig hair.


you don’t do conventions much, do you? XD No worries, her hair will be normal again when shes not in cosplay :P

i think her hairs being held back by that clip, not cut so it’ll probably be back to normal as soon as she’s prepped her cosplay.

Dang – in the first panel, she looked a bit like Carol, especially if both of them were to have their hair slicked back in the same way. Don’t ask me why I got that impression, I just did.

Hamster Jo, not bunny! go for the hamster look!

I’m judging past me here. I can’t figure out what was going through my brain at the time. I probably should remember to have context instead of random stream of consciousness thoughts.

Alex playing a cat character from Crusader Kittens?
Part of me was reminded of a song by the Squirrel Nut Zippers that would be… topical?

I feel like I should get a white fedora, trousers, and matching coat, shiny black tap shoes, and a matching glossy white cane and a heck of a lot of snapping ready just to listen to this song.

Put another way, I feel like this song is wasted on my ears if I’m not ready to do a dance number while listening to it.

Oh, the burden of being small and cute. Everyone wants to dress you up.( Including platonic male friends, because they never got dolls as kids) this strip speaks to me on an emotional level.

Ah… hmm. You know that might actually explain some things for me.

I remember staying at my cousin’s place as a kid and being mildly obsessed by her barbies and how you could put clothes and shoes on them, but not being allowed to actually do so myself and being left only to watch…

Now fast forward to me ending up as a fashion and textiles major as well as being a platonic male friend of a small and cute girl and I do, on occasion, feel a strong need to dress up in things. Huh.

Yeah…I was kinda bummed I couldn’t put my Batman or Lion-O action figure in a new suit. I had to buy a new one. while Jessie, Ayanna and Laquiesha got to get new clothes for ken and barbie all the time…

…Is that why I frequent New York Comiccon?

Alex is by turns fascinating and terrifying. Either way, that’s a double-armload of woman.

Ok, so now I have become completely obsessed and am clicking back and forth between this strip and the ones where Alex and John talked about furries and stuff in the library, and trying to picture her eyes under all that hair. Wow.

Is crusader kittens a real thing? I failed in my attempt to look it up so I’m guessing no.

I made it up so I wouldn’t have to deal with pony fans getting butthurt over any implied slights I might include in the storytelling.

I-is this why people wanted me to cosplay so much? They thought the cute factor made it worth it? Regardless I’m glad I do cosplay now but…was that why people pushed it?

furry fantasies. its like how when you were a kid and you really wanted a puppy or a kitten, but your parent’s didn’t get you one… and then you get older, and the hormones kicked in, and now your childhood puppy/kitteh desires get twisted in the mix and the next thing you know you’re waking up next to your wife, dressed as Porkchop from Doug!

…Not that *I* know anyone like that… *ahem*…

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