1246 Caramel Kiss.

The other day when I wanted art opinions it was about Jo’s Caramel Kiss outfit. The first version was mostly white, kind of like some things I’d seen that were thematically similar in the MLP cosplay community. The version I went with was what the consensus of artistic opinion was. I thought it gave the look of a “closet cosplay” kind of. Of course it would be unlikely that these items came from Alex’s closet, since she’s at least 3 Brooksies worth of woman. In any case, however she found them, they look cute on Jo. That was also the consensus of artistic opinion. Before anyone asks, I am going to release a full size version of P2 when I have a chance to clean it up a bit. I was also thinking about seeing if one of my artistic friends could help me design an Crusader Kittens logo, since I am terrible at that sort of thing.

That background in panel 2 is me doing my best to imitate MLP:FIM’s visual style. It went okay. Speaking of MLP, my account finally got banned from the Hasbro gaming thing on the iPad. My hacking of their unrepentant cash grab was the apparent cause. It’s hard to feel bad about it, since I experienced what little there is to experience and didn’t pay a thousand dollars for the privilege. Their pricing structure is unforgivable, and greedy. Unfortunately microtransactions have turned much of the casual gaming into a hellscape. We all fell for it, and it became the new normal. What fools we’ve been.

Well, maybe that’s a bit too bleak. The MLP game is just a shining example of how to treat your fans like garbage. There have been positive things about the move to microtransactions. I can’t cite any, but I’m sure there must be some. In any case, that’s the end of the game for me. I feel like I got my revenge for the loss of my original save file, and maybe a little retribution for their shitty business practices in general.


Please tell me that Crusader Kittens is a T.M.N.T.-esque world where mutant/bio-military research created kittens with psionic capabilities are trying carry on the works of the Templar Knights; with a side plot where they disembowel Dan Brown and Tom Hanks.

Oh wow, I’m surprised, I never had much interest in Alex before, and I didn’t come to this last comic what with there only being one panel, but Alex is actually very cute now that her eyes are showing. Please stay that way. :)

Also, I just looked back on her past appearances and find her cute in all them. This always happens with me, something makes me like the characters all of a sudden, then I like all their past appearances as well. :)

Actually, I kinda prefer her with the Ralph (or is it George) sheepdog hair like from the Wiley Coyote cartoons. Like short hair, just don’t really care for short slicked back hair.

She’s purr-fectly adorable! I ain’t even kitten about it!

You cat be serious. I paw one, like her usual appurrence alot meowr fitting.

You’re reminding me of Monster Hunter Tri. I think Melynxes and Felynes were in other games, too. They were a race of cat-people who spoke with a very cat influenced dialect.

When online was still a thing, there was even a felyne in Loc Lac who was trying to train himself into speaking a proper English dialect. He wasn’t quite there yet.

A felvyne bomb (essentially, a catnip bomb) in the middle of a bunch of them was completely awesome!

I feel like Alex and Jessica will either be the best of friends or the worst of rivals if they ever meet. They’ll have dress up contests, and poor Jo will be caught in the middle…

…wearing an 80’s jumpsuit with a tail and cat ears…

As far as examples of good and healthy micro transactions look no further than DOTA2 and Path of Exile. Both games are the dire opposite of pay to win. You spend money on cosmetic or quality of life additions, and ofc DOTA2 is the most played game on steam.

I tawt I taw a puddy tat!

It seems… not done indeed, Ms. Brooks. You’ve got the leg warmers, but where are the Anime Kitty Paw gloves?

And my, Ms. Wurfel, what big… eyes you have…

The only good thing about microtransactions is that there’s more free to play. The main problem is how money can break the game. The balance has to be found. League of Legends does it well with nothing stat based you can buy and nothing you can buy exclusively. They need to design it so money makes it more fun, not easier.

I just love everything that this comic is. Just… Everything is perfect… Purrfect even. The style is smooth and clean. The tone is just constant and the world is dynamic. Keep it up. IF I could pay you to just draw comics I would throw money through my screen to keep this going until you decide to stop.

Careful what you wish for. The artist draws for fun, so you’d better believe he’ll come up with a money hole if cajoled into it.

I know Jake of Modest Medusa has started using Patreon.


I know a couple of you regulars are familiar with this comic.

Questionable Content just started too. Dudes up to 6.5k a month. That’s what you get for a super popular ten year series I guess. Dudes winning.

Why does [everybody] wanna dress you up, Jo?
Because you’re drop-dead adorable, that’s why!
Also, if you’re given an outifit that’s 100% adorabe-ness improving, you’ll knock out EVERYONE in the room, with your cuteness! :D

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