1694 Fully Packed.

Shyness is not, apparently, an attribute Patricia has many ranks in. Persuasion maybe, but not shyness.

The teen graduates from high school on Sunday, and that is all I’m willing to say on the subject of the Teen at this time…

I honestly can’t remember if I’ve said anything about this, but a friend of mine is going through a divorce. He was doing really poorly for a while, but he seems to have turned that corner on to acceptance and is moving forward quickly. I’m very relieved about that and hope one of his many job prospects pan out. I’ve been very worried on his behalf.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got in me to say at the moment.


I love Patricia. I hope she and mike get together. And congratulations on the graduation. Good news about your friend too.

Calling it now, Mike & Patricia romantic subplot. However this could really go either way I wanna see how this plays out xD

I ship it.
’nuff said.

(Don’t think it was against the rules to post links.. but now I can’t seem to find the Terms and Services…. If it is. I apologize in advance and will make note for the future)

“Divorce is forever, it really actually is. Marriage is for how long you can hack it. But divorce just gets stronger, like a piece of oak. No one ever says, ‘Oh my divorce is falling apart. I just can’t take it.’”

I’ve known a few different people that divorced and then got back together later. And while not directly known by me, I know of at least a couple that divorced, remarried, divorced again, and remarried a second time. Human beings are inconsistent and changeable creatures.

Based on my religious beliefs, I’m of the marriage is for life because I’m vowed before God that I will stick with it view, but I’m aware that I can only control my side of that equation; just because I’m ready to keep trying doesn’t mean she will be. For me, divorce is permitted in the case of adultery or abuse, but if that occurred it would be a decision to ponder based partly on whether or not there’s genuine repentance and recommitting (as opposed to the abuser/serial adulterer pattern of apologizing and then doing it again). Divorce is permitted because the other person has broken the vow, but I’d have to evaluate whether there’s a chance for genuine reconciliation before making that decision. I should also add that in cases of abuse it is always grounds to get out of the same physical location even if you don’t immediately end the marriage itself. Especially if kids are at risk. You get yourself and your kids to safety.

I have actually heard those exact words “my divorce is falling apart. I just can’t take it.” come out of my father’s mouth. His divorce lasted almost as long as his marriage (~20y) to his 3rd wife, and it was a continuous mess on both sides of the paperwork.
In his case that oak was made directly into toilet paper.
Some people’s lives are made difficult by careful, painstaking design.

Patricia seems not just out of Robert Crumb’s dream, but his pen as well. Can’t help but think when we see a full-length pic of her she’ll have strong thighs and stockings as well.

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