1121 Hard Target.

You’d think that Ed would have learned to knock at some point, but my own mother hasn’t learned that in my many years on this earth, so there’s my reality anchor.

I think it’s safe to say that Jessie revels in tormenting her brother. Maybe tormenting is too strong a word. There doesn’t seem to be malice in her motivation. Whatever tortures she inflicts on him are accidental or done in the spirit of a teasing deity. She is the Loki of their relationship. Luckily for them both she’s not in to horrifying headgear. Unless you count that headband from her aerobic outfit… I think a case could be made for it. Unfortunately for Ed he’s never going to find out she’s adopted. They share DNA and he has to deal with it. Honestly the reason that Ed is so distraught by her sexual antics is from being so close to her, rather than revulsion.

I was going to try and write some more fiction, but I was on the road most of the day and now I have a bored teen to contend with. Depending on how that plays out I may, or may not, get something extra done. I think someone asked for a blue version of the green voting Jolene desktop too…



she doesnt have a chance because ed looks like a harry potter, remember?

Is Jess suggesting that our resident Harry Potter is having some trouble ”casting the Engorgio spell” if you know what I mean?

Not everyone is a natural at trying to catch the Winged Golden Orb of Win Everything with nothing but a flying stic-
Ugh… I REALLY suck at Harry Potter innuendos, sorry.

Duro>Makes the object hard.

Erecto>Used to erect something.

Locomotor >Causes the named object to rise in the air and move around at the will of the caster.

Wingardium Leviosa >Levitates objects.

Loki was kind of a dick. Oh, he didn’t mean any harm by putting Baldur’s only risk of death in the hands of Hoder it was all fun and games, but the results weren’t benign. :D She doesn’t mean any real harm, but I can see her accidentally ripping deep creases in his psyche.

Oh, sure, you’re all like Mr. Righteous Indignation now, but did you actually know Baldur? Trust me, he deserved what he got, him and his goody-two-shoes ways…

Actually, he might have been. but not by being a goody-two shoes. According to some versions, Baldr tended to lust for people he shouldn’t get involved with (possibly because he already had all the people he was allowed to get involved with…)

Given that Loki was actually pretty fond at least some of the Aesir and Vanir up until the whole child murdering debacle, it’s possible that Loki let this joke go mean as vengeance for one of those infidelities.
Or he wanted to give his baby girl a decent birthday gift. XD

The last one is my headcanon.
Hel: Dad, so… uhm… I really like this one unkillable guy…
Loki: …ugh fine I’ll see what can be done.

though helping ya boy Hodor definitively was added bonus

Jess is such an evil, evil woman. And yet so admirable for her openness…

That openness may bite her here. Nina herself is so take-charge, she might find Jess too much for a relationship.

Plus, Nina has a big heart, shown multiple times (not the least of which the Carol backstory), and I think she’ll take to Ed’s more soft-spoken kindness than Jess’s nice but crazy.

There tends to be a line between self confidence and self importance that Jesse rides in such a way that makes me want o see her fall on her face.

I guess she’s become a better antagonist for me than anyone else so far.

To be fair, I would just turn and leave if I ever came across a sibling of mine fooling around with anyone. I don’t need to see that stuff!

Jess is the reason for there to be torture twincest fanfic. Ed, however, is not. I have to wonder how many levels of meltdown would Ed have if he caught Jess and Jo in between the outfit changes?

All I know is that if I could find a girl like Jess in real life, I would be a happy, happy man. Or Jo. Or Nina. Hell, all the girls in this strip are their own kind of awesome.

MY GOD. My RSS feed broke, for reasons unclear, and I just recently figured it out. not sure why I didn’t go “huh, why hasn’t between failures updated” until it was like 2 months since I last read an update, but still. Perhaps the migration to feedly contributed.

“You’d think that Ed would have learned to knock at some point,”

That seems to assume they were in a bedroom or other room where privacy was expected. Given what we’ve seen of Jess so far, it’s quite possible they were on the living room couch.

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