1693 For Now.

Here’s a refresher in case you forgot who Patricia is.

I always want to put stuf on t shirts, but it’s a massive hassle to remember to do it over the course of a lot of pages. Also it’s hard to make them look right if a girl had big enough boobs to stretch the image. It really bugs me when images on shirts in drawings don’t adhere to the curves of the character. A lot of people just paste on images and it looks wrong. Anyway, the long and short of it is that I try not to do it and then I do it today because I hate myself.


Dude, DEFINITELY put clever things on character t-shirts. Then sell the t-shirts.

(No idea what your background/thoughts on merchandising is, but it’s got to be the number 1 webcomic means of making money.)

A hefty dose of self-hatred seems to be a near-requirement for webcomicking success. Dunno how many times I’ve seen Willis twitting stuff like “I put everyone in plaid today because I hate myself!” or “Drawing a background with thirty bicycles because I hate myself!”, and his buffer’s out to like August now.

I hate being that guy. But it should say “Your* prices”.

I have been in the adoptables niche for years and I always hated people who “pasted” patterns, even over natural borders, like a plaid print on top of body and hip. Hard to explain, but thank you for respecting natural curves every time. <3

Don’t feel bad, Sei. We Grammar Nazis are the language’s only real bulwark against complete collapse. Heil Webster! :P

Unfortunately, we’re losing ground at an alarming rate, thanks to a lackluster education system, laziness, apathy and things like text messaging, Twitter and other forms of social media. I’m just hoping that the English language won’t be unrecognizable before I die. :P

What I want to know is what exactly is the version of English everyone is fighting for? Shit, if you got dropped a few hundred years into the past, in an English speaking country, you’d be almost as fucked as if you just got sat down someplace that has never spoken English at all. You’re fighting for an arbitrary version of English you grew up with. Don’t pretend you’re righteous warriors trying to protect the purity of the language, because you aren’t.

It is a lot easier to fight for the sanctity of dead or mostly dead languages that are thus frozen in time for the most part. So, I’ll fight for the sanctity of an obscure subdivision of an Aeolic dialect related to Ancient Greek.

Yes. I’m in. Where do we start.

I’m in. Grammar hasn’t changed much since then anyways…. mostly wordage and assimilation….although I’d be out of sorts as a non-white.

Forsooth and anon, I be-est all mightily behind said project. Let us verily seek to preserveth the true and unsullied English language before it disappeareth completely from the earth. Behold, it doth come under attack from the many sources which beseigeth our understanding. “Text not, lest ye be texted!”

The linguist who is creating the Belter language for the Expanse TV series recently said in a podcast* written English will probably become a common thing for different diverging dialects.
Like when you’ve learned Mandarin you can read the newspapers all across China but even if you also know Cantonese, there will be places where you won’t understand anyone.

*) http://sixgun.org/episode/gnr36

I think my hands down favorite shirt for busty women comes from what I hope is still the functional Busty Girl Problems page, where they have a shirt where a girl is climbing a ladder up the stomach of the shirt and two other women are waiting for her above the bustline, but they claim to be unable to see her because of the way the shirt fits. It’s a fantastic joke that only works if the shirt is on a busty girl.

Noticed that it said “faternizing” with the enemy over “fraternizing”, not sure if that is a joke with both of them being larger characters?

A good workaround for doing that is to design the image a character will have as a flat image, then using the free transform tool or it’s equivalent, and using the warp command within it you shape the image as you’d think it would fit the character.

This tutorial is for tattoos, but I think it can also be implemented for clothing:

You haven’t seen messed-up T-shirt designs unless you played Second Life prior to the mesh revolution. Clothing was basically painted on,* so the middle of text on my shirts would disappear between my boobs, and sometimes the outer edges got stretched almost unrecognizable at the same time! I don’t even think I ever had the boob size slider up beyond 60% in those days, but I did have the shoulders pretty narrow. Sort-of Carol-shaped but a little more petite… or something. Oh and when you get down to that size with the standard avatar, (the only avatar in those days,) the upper edge of the torso folds over so the next bit down overlaps the ribcage a little bit. Doesn’t look as bad as it sounds, but really messes up T-shirt text!

*: There was a looseness option but on upper clothing it had a nasty bug they never fixed: making a huge black diamond of broken shading on the navel.

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