Im suddenly reminded of an old string of puns and worldplay that culminated in a joke about Chair-lamange riding a table into battle.

Well don’t hold out on me, what’s the string?! I WANNA KNOW!

I’m sorry, it was a super long time ago in Animal Crossing New Leaf multiplayer. If I had logs to scour for the whole joke, I would’ve!

Waiting for the Ottoman empire reference.

Please promise me, when you get better
(_that’s “WHEN”, not “IF”, young man — don’t you be disappointing this old geezer over here_)
…that you never delete these filler pages!
Even though you’ve been ‘impaired’ by illness, you’ve never failed to provide a good quality of pages, & while they might not be part of the current storyline, they’re easily seen as consistent with the characters whom we’ve come to know.
Whether you choose to keep them ‘as is’, or eventually move them to a separate branch of “filler pages”, they are all well worth keeping.

That said, we DO look forward to your speedy recovery. Take Good Care, & Be Well!
Live Long & Prosper!
Don’t Let The B@$+@rds Grind You Down.
(_feel free to include any other well-wishings that you can think of_)

Truth. Mostly on time, all perfectly valid work…it’s been the most productive comic sick leave I’ve ever seen.

…that’s actually how I create passwords. It’s based on the XKCD “correct horse battery staple” concept and that scene from “Johnny Mnemonic”.

And sorry to hear you’re doing poorly again. Hopefully things can improve soon; some help with your caregiving venture wouldn’t go amiss either.

Hey, as a long time follower of your comments, I will point out, at least now you are sleeping…..
Sleep is good, sleep is healing, sleep is IMPORTANT, do not fight the sleep, sleep, heal, the, when you feel better
Party like a rock star!

Now I’m thinking about Tumnus talking about Lucy coming from the city of War Drobe in the country of Spare Oom.

Would that make Reggie’s Aunt, The Evil Witch of Someplace?

Also- I [like] Thomas, but I don’t think he’s an “Aslan” type of guy! :)

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