614 Obi Wan.

Man, my internal clock is so fucked up I have no idea what day it is today.  I’ve also forgotten to take my medicine…  Better do that.  Be right back.

Okay, so I got my medicine in me now.  I’ve been trying to get this special page done for quite some time now, so I’m distracted.  It just so happens that I had a massive headache early in the week that set my schedule back a bit.  Which is fine, that’s what buffers are for, but I still react emotionally the same way as if I didn’t have one, because my buffer schedule is the new norm.  Get me?  I’m not sure how many pages ahead I’d have to be to stop having a fit when I fall behind a bit, but it’s not as many as I have now.

Anyway, I don’t have anything interesting to report.  Since I haven’t been feeling well I’m not playing the games I was, except to keep up my Animal Crossing town.  Although I’ve neglected it enough now that I’ve gone through 4 residents in the last week or so after over a year of no changes to speak of.

The shaky background in the last part of Cave Story makes me sick if I play very long, so I still haven’t finished it.  I wish I could turn it off.  The effect is really annoying.

Also, still no special pokewalker Pikachu.


So Ed I’m guessing Ed isn’t a Star Wars fan.

More likely he gets annoyed that every aspect of his life gets reduced to a pop culture reference. He going to just get more and more annoyed if he doesn’t get over that… X3

Well that and the fact that people have probably made the “Wise up, master Yoda” crack to him in the past. I mean, at a guess anyway.

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