Some Other Beginnings’s End.

If you happen to be reading for the first time, and you’re going in reverse, you should jump to the first comic now. If you don’t you’ll spoil the ending of the first story arc for yourself. Just thought I’d point it out… Hope you enjoy it.

I don’t suppose it’s really necessary that I put a page between these sections, but something in me wouldn’t let me not do it. I posted it on a Sunday because, in my mind, that makes it not count for the next week.


Sorry to see you go from DD, but I can’t says I blames ya. Love the story. Glad to see you’re starting to pay a bit more attention to backgrounds. Keep it up, man.

I just stumbled by, by a banner on another page, read the archive through in one shot, and I clap with glee at finding a new webcomic I love. I like the story, the charactes, the dialog and the art. Keep up the great work.

been reading most of this over teh course of one day. WOW! I’m glad I only discovered this now because a day taking a whole year would have killed me with the suspense.

Thanks for the spoiler alert! I just found this comic today (saw your ad on Requiem, which I found through Sunset Grill) and have been reading backwards for the past hour or so. Great stuff. I think I can tell what the big surprise is, but I bet I’ll enjoy your work even more if I start reading episodes in the right order. So what the heck, I’ll give that a shot…

I know, I know, I’m late.

Started this last night, decided to start from here today, gotta say I love this comic Thiiiiiiiiiiiiis Much! :D

Also, you named this one “Some other beginnings end.” I love you.

just found your site from webcomiclist recommended and it’s definitely one of my newest favorite flavors of internet.

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