306 In The Beginning.

Well, here we are at the start of a new section of my little comic. A whole new era to look forward to.

I hate to tarnish a new beginning with bad news, but there’s no way around it. Between Failures is going to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday posting schedule for a while. I won’t bore, or depress, you with the whys of this decision. Though it isn’t something I’m taking lightly. I realize that I will probably lose readers over it. Time, however, allows no other recourse.

I’m hoping to get back to five days a week soon, but there’s no way I can know what the future will hold. I held out on doing this to the end of the first story arc so that you wouldn’t have to wait any longer for that closure than you already have. The early pages of part 2 stand pretty well on their own, so it should help take some of the sting out of having to wait longer for each one. Be that as it may, I can’t apologize enough to those of you who have stopped here every day to read my work. I hope you stick with me through this rough patch so that we can stand together on the shore of paradise later… so to speak.

Once again, I apologize for failing you on some level. I hope you all can find it in your heart to forgive me. Even though I’m pulling it back a bit, maybe you’ll notice the extra effort I’m putting into each page.


This is more than fine. A bright start to what is sure to be another great chapter. Worth the wait, for sure.

Well, those strips with only two panels/speech bubbles did feel a bit forced. If the M-W-F strips are longer, I certainly won’t mind.

Also, Nina’s hat is epic.

I wouldn’t even worry about it. Most webcomics I read maintain the M-W-F thingummy, and I only know of 1 that actually does a comic every single day. And then there are the ones that update every month…because they enjoy our tears…

Well, I came over from DrunkDuck… and I read comics that update far less frequently than M/W/F so I will absolutely stick with this strip.

I hope things clear up with you as soon as they can, until then I’m looking forward to Wednesday!

If you didn’t lose me when you moved from Drunk Duck, You won’t lose me with MWF updates

I’ve just finished reading the archives, and for this sort of quality, I can handle M-W-F updates.

You have all the love for some utterly brilliant work!

Dude seriously most webcomics are lucky if they update once a week, some may only update once a month! This schedule seems just fine to me.

And that hat is just… oh God… there’s no words for it… It makes me wanna hug Nina so bad… just too cute…

Heh… Nina reminds me of someone who changes how they look every day… unfortunately, the blue shirt is something she cannot. XD

Great comic!

well that sucks but you wont lose me i followed from smackjeeves this comics too good and worth a little wait^_^


Seriously dude, your not gonna lose readers because you switched to a 3 times a week schedule. We’re your fans and we’re gonna stick by you. Anyone who doesn’t should have raging yaoi fangirls unleashed on them.

Ha. You’re still kicking my ass on updates. You’d have to slow down to quarterly updates before I’d give up on BF.

Hell, who am I kidding… I still wouldn’t give up on it. :D

How many hats does Nina have, anyway? It’s not as wacky as her pirate hat, but it is charming in its own way.

Not that the previous comics weren’t great, cause they were, but could you perhaps increase the pacing of the comic a bit, 1 year to a day is a bit long.

Why is Carol so glum this AM? In light of what happened the previous evening, you think she would be a little more chipper. :)

Unless this is all part of the act… which Nina probably doesn’t buy to begin with.

I love birds they taste so delicious after being killed having every feather ripped from their flesh then sliced into small pieces and deep fried, oh and with some ketchup

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