Yeah, but being tall, has its advantage.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. The important thing is knowing how to utilize your own.

You have my axe.

And my sword.

And my bow

And my rocket launcher.

and my ever-unyielding cheese of abandonment +1

You’d have to be REALLY short for that, I’m 1.65 and even I’m too tall to be able to get in between dem tits when I get hugged

Feet! Inches! Fahrenheit! At less than 2 feet tall you ought to be between knees….something of a situation in itself.

FWIW, 1.65m is ~5′ 4″, or about 3.61 cubits, 16.24 hands, 5.35×10^17 parsecs, or 8.20 links. =P

So, with cubits-
we will need to lay out about 83.2 Mazed(s) in order to build an ark.

[ Give or take 1 cubit, or less].

She’s got a point. But being tall has its advantages too. As noted by Jackie before everyone has advantages. They just need to figure them out and use them.

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