318 Indeed.

I finally saw Indiana Jones 4 the other day.  I’d never been to the local theatre, so that was new.  It’s super old school.  I hadn’t been in one like it since I was a kid.  I’m talking, like, first release of Return Of The Jedi old.  All the chairs sit on a real gradual incline.  So much so that things dropped on it may not even roll away.  Anyway, it’s either that or driving for two hours, and paying $100 in gas to see a movie for $11.  The savings really help make the “nostalgia” tollerable. 


wow. He didn’t get that at all. What a deuschbag! (Be prepared for a Family Guy quote.) And yet, that doesn’t mean the same thing since President Deuschbag.

For God’s sake, will someone please punch this dude or fire him or something?? I wanna just jump into the comic and strangle him I hate him so much, and he’s only been around for three pages!

Mike May not have seen Reggie’s [supposéd] “superiority,” but his arrogance stuck out like Patrick Stewart’s bald spot.

We had one of those old school theaters in my home town. Only two screens. But we always went to the drive in anyway. Drive in movies are awesome.

Also I know it has been said a lot already but I really don’t like this reggie guy. I can’t wait for the witty insult battle that is sure to ensue.

LMAO! I love it you have created the perfect character that EVERYONE loves to hate! I feel an Epic Wit battle in the air. *wheezy waits in rapt anticipation!

What Coffee Monkey said, inspires me to think that Reggie could be made to think he is going bald, by Thomas or Ed.

Hmmm, yep, I can definitely see Reggie as an intentional jerk now, instead of someone who just doesn’t care.

Although, even if he was superior I doubt Mike would notice.

And look, Carol’s pushing up her bewbs!

god he reminds me of a co-worker when i was in HS, the ONLY reason he had a job there was so his rich ass father wouldnt cut him off -.- frickin prick

I know Reggie is a prick, but seriously folks, calm down. He’s a drawing with text for words. Besides, Carol is doing a fine job of whooping his ass verbally.

Rusty-knight, I get what you’re saying but everyones enjoying tearing this jerk a new asshole so why not keep doing it. He’s a villain obviously and must be a good one to get the reaction he’s getting. And people are supposed to hate the bad guy right? That being said I can’t wait to see what happens when he runs into our “heroes” Tom and Ed.

And then, out of nowhere I emerged and chocked that smarmy prick to death, and good times were had by all.
Yeah, I haven’t been to an old school theater in ages. There used to be one a block away from my home but it closed down and has since become a gym. A testament to how long it’s been since it was an actual theater, the last thing I remember playing there was American Werewolf in Paris.

reggie is such a prick. cant wait til he runs in2 tom or ed. but there is 1 plus side 2 reggie, u’ve made him sorta good looking. we cant stand 2 hear u speak, but we could look at u 4 hours

JT you picked a pretty weird picture of Nina to use for the stuff in the shop. Everything else is pretty bad ass though. I’m going to order a Nina’s heart tee shirt i think. Good work my friend.

I seriously think Ed is going to woop him. One day he’s gonna insult his sister, or Brooksie, or Nina in front of him, or hit on his sister and Ed will beat his ass.

Is Reggie in any way influenced by the loveable Reggie from the Archie comics? Mayhap they are long lost cousins…who share the same name…


Rule 14.
Reggie wins.

I’m loving this more with every passing moment.
Heck, even the number of people that want to punch him makes my boxers moist.

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