317 Hobodor.


Main Entry:hobodor
Pronunciation: Hoe-Boe-Der

1 : the quality of a hobo that stimulates the sense of smell, unique to each hobo;  also   : a sensation resulting from such stimulation
  –hobodored \hoe-boe-derd\  adjective 
  –hobodorless adjective 
  –hobodorous adjective


Okay, I just want to say, this new “peel away ad in the corner” craze, that’s all over webcomics right now, pisses me off.  They bug me so much.  I just want to reach up and peel them off, like a sticker.  I can’t wait for the trend to pass.


“Like a McDonald’s Fart doused in Michael Jordan cologne”? He may be a tool but at least he is a clever tool.

And as long as they’ve got sufficient wit for the task, I’ll generally root for the underdog.

And by “underdog” I mean the person everyone hates because they don’t join in the communal circle-jerk.

He should be careful he doesn’t trip, what with always looking down his nose at everything… I hope Carol destroys him, and not in the awesome breast-related way, either.

“Peel-away ads”? Sounds like you’ve been reading Evil Inc. lately. Tip: NoScript (it’s a Firefox extension) will block it.

I have to agree with you on the frickin peel-away, it is a major annoyance. Particularly if you have a button over there by it,

He needs a good ole fashioned professional ass whooping.

Would be awesome if Reggie was someone Ed beat up when he was younger.

Also, if something is called spicy, it’s considered to be dirty, unless it is an actual spicy food.

This comes from the theory that dirty things might taste spicy for some reason. Such as Hobo Meat would taste spicy, but a bad kinda spicy.

Example, this man is spicy. He hasn’t showered in 2 weeks

Reggie: As a person he would suck but as a new character, he could help to make things far more interesting as a foil/antagonist.

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