My younger sister insisted I looked like a gothic Harry Potter too (just because I dress in black)… and several others agreed. I objected, since I hate that annoying little crapwad and everything he stands for.
But that said, I can’t exactly say “poor Ed” at this stage.

I’ve never been called “Harry Potter,” though I did once get likened to Anakin Skywalker because I had a dorky little mini ponytail at the time. Needless to say, I don’t still have it.

ok sometimes when you have similarities to a character in a movie or book you hate you just have to play off it… the girls love it.. .one of my friends looks like the main char off of twilight (he despises that movie btw) he also has the same last name… Collins… hah we gave him a hard time on that.. still do, but its a little harder given how many girls faun over him for it…

Started with glasses, went to scarf… how much of his clothes is she going to end up wearing?
JUST KIDDING! … or am I?

If I was not already interested in someone else, and some woman came onto me like Nina is coming onto Ed, I think my response would be something like, “Um, I’m getting a mixed message here… it seems like you’re trying to be my best friend – and doing a much better job of it than she is… Sure, I can be her friend, but I think I’d like to hang out with you outside of work more.”

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