1515 A Cup Above.

For the record, Thomas is doing the finger counting the way I do when I have to do math in my head; sometimes switching from hand to hand without reason.
The duplication of letters in bra sizing has always seemed a little odd to me because it seems unnecessary. How many women ever get even close to Z? P is the highest letter I’m aware of as far as breast size goes without it being diseased. Of course being that big at all is considered a disease on some level, but I mean without open sores and obvious malignancy. From P to Z is ten more. That seems like plenty of room not to double up on. The double letters don’t seem to denote any in between stage; as if it was D.5, or something. If it did then I could see that making sense. Maybe it does mean that and I’ve just never seen it explained. If some of the responses from Monday are any indication one of you will know the answers to some of this at least. All I know is that if you use a sizing calculator it breaks after the middle of the alphabet on most sites. Even if you calculate past that and it has an answer there are no bras past a certain letter, so you’d have to go to some kind of craftsman to get one. That has to be expensive. The teen still falls within the range of obtainable bras, although not by much, and the pricing is prohibitive. I’ve seen her toss bras that are basically fine except for the wire coming out. It seems like they should be sturdier for $50 to $70. I’ve been tempted to try and repair them, but I have enough to do already without trying to reengineer her undergarments.

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I don’t want to get you too excited because it’s still early days, but I’m working with an artist right now on a new series we are going to try and produce together. It’s gonna be giant robots fighting and people being cool because they have giant robots. It’s also based on one of my stupid tweets, so that makes it the best thing ever. It’s also going to be like a regular manga kind of thing, so a lot more action and not so much talking… but still probably more talking than you usually get in manga because it’s still me writing… Anyway, if it doesn’t work out I still want to compensate the artist for his/her (?) time. Hence the above.

I set my patreon up in a weird way because I don’t value my own work properly. The shit I give out for a dollar is, like, mid to high level for a lot of artists. As much as I think people should get paid for their work I hate for other readers to miss out who don’t have the finances to be patrons. I am not good at capitalism because I actually care that you guys can’t all be patrons. I dunno. I’ve been looking at how other people did stuff and maybe someday I’ll restructure things.


I feel I should mention the world record holder for largest natural boobs is Norma Stitz, with 102ZZZ (triple Z)

Also I knew that before this post, and I’ve known that for years, because I just know random stuff I guess… No idea what it really means except her breasts go down to like, her hips

Unless it’s changed recently. It’s possible it’s changed recently.

Do you know if that is an official sizing?

Annie Hawkins-Turner, AKA “Norma Stitz” (her pseudonym is a corruption of “enormous tits.” How droll.), is certified in the Guiness Book of World Records as having the largest natural breasts of any living woman. Her cup size of “ZZZ” is, at best, a guess. Her breasts sorta break the bra size chart. Ms. Hawkins-Turner legitimately has gigantomastia (medical term is “breast hypertrophy), so she’s a cautionary tale for what could happen to Carol later in life.

Then there are the man made examples of Chelsea Charms and BeShine. Both of whom exceed 15000 (yes that 15 thousand) CC equivelents. Mrs charms because of the nature of her implants regularly exceeds 20 thousand where they regularly have to be drained of excess fluid/serum. While the German BeShine stage Named Myrna Hills, has normal Saline implants.

Measured by Guiness world records. ALSO was on a TV show where they did custom bras n stuff was on A&E… Also Ive Met Annie… Shes a Nice older lady. Used to work in Chrystal City VA. ive seen the tag on the bra.. so take that as you like.

Note for the bra thing, and I learned this by way of living among many women, but you can patch a bra with an exposed wire by cutting a section of a pad to fold and stick over it. The sisters have expressed much exasperation over the pain caused by exposed wires, so it’s probably a female thing that we men simply do not get. It’s just a quick fix, tho.

Working the wire back into place and securing it with duct tape is an extremely short-term fix. Take my word for it. If you have a needle and thread, maybe it can be sewn back into place? I mean, it’s a pain in the ass, but it’s cheaper than $50-$60 for a new bra.

That really doesn’t work for how much effort it takes… You get maybe a day or two of relief before the wire finds a new section to jump out of.

It’s a female thing mainly because men don’t have undergarments with wires in them. You can replicate what it feels like by simply stabbing yourself with a piece of wire.

Breasts being three-dimensional, when someone wearing underwire has the wire break, there’s usually an effect like when a rubber band breaks, except the end that snaps back against skin isn’t flat, it’s pointy. Depending on the exact motion going on when the wire breaks, this mean getting stabbed or scratched by the now exposed, rapidly flagellating piece of wire. The location of this stabbing is generally a place we really, really, REALLY don’t like being treated roughly, let along stabbed or scratched unexpectedly.

(Well, maybe some women are into that. Most of us aren’t, though.)

Then too, if we’re not in a position to do a repair or removal job right away, we have a piece of broken wire which is undergoing torsion while we move. The best case scenario is we’re lopsided (that wire was doing a specific job, after all) while encountering friction because the broken wire is now no longer evenly suspended; the tension which helped it hold its shape is gone with the breaking of the wire. Mostly, it’s not a best case scenario, and we’re at risk of repeated stabs and scratches every time we move on TOP of being lopsided and dealing with the physical discomfort that results.

Basically, think of what would happen if you were wearing a jock strap and the elastic suddenly broke, when you really NEEDED that jock strap to be doing its job. Now replace ‘elastic’ with ‘sharp pointy piece of metal’ and ‘a lot more OBVIOUS to the casual viewer that something’s off’ and you can probably get the general idea.

Source: Female, large-breasted, and loathe underwire with the fiery heat of a thousand suns.

Yikes. Ladies, if your bra is under so much tension that you’re breaking underwire and it springs apart to stab you? Your bra doesn’t fit properly. Trust me on this. I’m a 34J (UK sizes, cause yeah, can’t have one standard) and while I’ve had underwire poke out of the ends of the channel (usually cheaper bras or bras that don’t fit properly), and I’ve broken one wire in the middle, I’ve never had a spring loaded break. It’s so important to have the right band size, right cup size, and the right STYLE for your breast shape. It is absolutely possible to have a bra that has underwire be comfortable. And when you have something sized improperly, it’s going to be the most uncomfortable thing in the world. I’ve got one right now that is a back up to the back up bras because while it is the correct size, the style is all wrong and it becomes incredibly uncomfortable after about an hour of wear.

An.y.way. Don’t bother going to Vicky’s to get sized, find a good specialty shop or better yet do your research online and have a friend help if you can’t measure yourself alone. (Someone already linked the “abrathatfits” subreddit below. it’s brilliant) And don’t forget to account for the larger of your two boobs.

As for cost, a life saver for me has been Amazon Prime. I can find the larger sizes there and even get discontinued styles for more than half off occasionally. It’s less expensive, no shipping, and free returns. Best thing ever.

Good luck ladies. Your bra should not be hurting you.

I’ve had it happen on accident and it friggin hurts!
You’d think the bastards would have the decency to sodder a rounded tip on the end. But planned obsolescence and all that. The greedy bastards.

Underwire breaking is the bane of every larger breasted woman. The easiest fix I have for it is superglue if it pops out on the sides. It’s scratchy as hell, but eventually softens to a manageable point. A little folded tissue over the dried glue helps too. And that is only a temporary fix. As in a few weeks. But the worst…the absolute worse is when that sixty, seventy dollar bra has the wire break in the middle. It snaps, and then you have TWO pointy wires of death and doom poking the underside of your boob. Which if any of you are not aware, is one of the most sensitive places (Aside from the nipples) So yeah, at that point, the bra is just trash. Because trying to transplant a wire from a different bra (As my husband has tried to suggest I do) doesn’t work because different bras have different style wires. Either different thicknesses, different curves, different lengths. And it’s a lot of work, for no guarantee of comfort. But, going wireless isn’t an option, especially after two kids.

In regards to the bra/bust sizes, I have no idea. I always wondered that myself. Because you have AAA, for the uber tiny, to A. Then it goes B, C, then D and repeating letters there. Why? Who created these measurements. Do they just want to confuse us?

Long time reader but this is my first comment!
Re: wires popping out, all you have to do is google it to find out there really is no long-term fix, unfortunately. It sucks that most bras at reasonable prices are of poor quality and that’s one of the biggest issues. You can create short term fixes to get through the day but that’s about it. The cost to repair a bra is often the same when it comes to purchasing a new one especially because it doesn’t really last. Trust me, the wire makes the bra anything but fine. It may not seem like it to someone who doesn’t need and wear bras everyday but it causes a lot of problems. As pumpkincat commented earlier.

I do love the thought that you’re putting into this for Carol, as well! My boobs grew in high school and at their largest were a 32II. I got a reduction a year ago and after gaining back some weight I’m back up to a 36G or so. Sizes vary from Europe to the US and between brands. Tell the teen that if she finds her size in a brand to make note of it so she can find similar ones! At least, if she’s larger. Girls who smaller boobs can get away with Joe Boxer bras from Wal-Mart of which I’m eternally envious.

Also, double and triple letters in bra sizing do mean in-between sizes, though that varies. In Europe they tend to use more than US sizing so an F in the US could be a EE in Europe or despite there being a DD and DDD neither of those are the same as an E. It’s a total mess and the lack of standard sizing is terrible.

Carol’s back-story with her sisters and her boobs made me laugh because my sister and I had an almost exact opposite one. I’m older but my boobs still grew in way early and way large and super quickly. She loved to make fun of me for it especially because I have never been a “flaunt it” type of gal and they’ve mostly been a nuisance. I would constantly tell her that she was next to which she responded that she would hate it and it would never happen. But it did and it was vindication for me!

Man, I wish I could pick your brain for a while. If you could expand upon your experience with the reduction that would be great. Real first hand experience and the thought behind it would be very useful potentially.
Your experience with your younger sister might help me round out Dusty too. If ever you have some free time to talk get in touch.
Either way, thanks for reading!

Bra sizes are kinda like Super Saiyan levels. There are weird, unexpected in-between ones and just when you think you’ve seen the most ridiculous one, something bigger or more powerful comes along and a new one is needed to beat it. Or something.

These descriptions could also apply to the monsters you’d find in a basic dungeons + dragons manual. [What the heck is THAT thing?…With the big horns + green scales, and all ?]
: )

I like the way you set up your Patreon. I don’t really like the “pay if you want the whole story” kind of Patreon.
I think you being able to do your comics is what we pay for, not extra things. I like being able to ask you for a sketch, but I wouldn’t want to have a “the more you pay, the more chance you have to get a sketch”, a “best Patreons” page on the website or an influence on the story more than anyone reading BF and commenting because I’m spending a certain amount of money on the comics.
And I’m absolutely not taking these ideas from a real Patreon of a comics named Shotgun Shuffle. Absolutely not.

Interesting, and here I thought my old room mate’s 38JJ were huge. Pillow-like to be sure, but the risk of being smothered when she rolls over meant some sleepless nights. But since I have learned my lessons and accept nothing over a D. LOL

It seems as though your reading comprehension may have deteriorated since college, as you appear to be reacting to an argument that has not been presented.

Yes, Thomas, it’s true: brassiere sizing is more bizarre than any other article of clothing, including shoes.

So, now I wonder. How tall is The Teen? I mean, my Strapping Farm Girl ex has trouble finding a fit, but she’s really tall.

Shoe sizing is actually very simple.
For adult mens shoe sizes are in increments of 1/3 of an inch.
CHILDRENS shoe sizes are 1/2 scale and in increments of 1/3 of an inch.
WOMENS shoes are 3/4 scale and in increments of 1/3 of an inch.

why 1/3 of an inch. Its the length of a barley corn. why that is the way they are? I have no idea My Great Grandfather wouldn’t explain it any further than that. My Great grandfather was a cobbler. I apprenticed to him and to my father who also was a cobbler.

Just pull the wires out of both sides? I’ve done it. But then, I was blessed with small boobs where “support” is more of a suggestion, and can get away with just wearing cheap sports bras.

The teen could look into that?

The sports Bra rout is a possibility though the more robust sizes tend to be very pricey, if you can get them where you are.

@joecrouse – sorry but for some strange reason I crave peaches now XD

Peach…cobblers. Ow! XD

I don’t know if I’ve ever met some peachy cobblers.

Shoe maker. We also did a lot of tack and tog work and a lot of repair work. We used to have a lot of dancers come in and bring in Heels and ahem… garmets that were were made of leather and other materials, we also had a lot of lady cops that came in and had bullet proof vests cut better. If your sewing machine can stitch a shoe you can stitch just about any thing with it so had some weird jobs once in a while.

Oops. Pardons. I didn’t mean to address people by the wrong job title. : )

But, thanks for the info on being a shoe maker.
Yeah, I didn’t think that shoe making would also get you projects like working on leather garments, + also jobs on b.p. vests. I never would have put those 3 industries together. Wow.

I wear a leather belt pouch (aka a “fanny pack” in the US, or a “bum bag” in the UK) to carry things like wallet and keys. I’ve gone through several over the years, and there was a shoe repair place near where I used to work where the owner was very happy to make repairs to my belt pouches when they needed them — broken zippers, things like that. So yeah, I can totally see taking a leather G-string or corset or whatever to a cobbler for repairs. (He wasn’t able to help out when my leather bomber jacket ripped, though; I had to take that to a specialty place.)

Sadly, he eventually sold the business to someone else who wanted to charge me a lot more money for repairs — enough more that it was cheaper to just buy a new pouch than get it repaired. 8-(

Got to value your work man! And your time! Your comic is excellent and it is free to read, the patreon offers more for those who support more. You can always post/release the patreon stuff later on for all to enjoy if you really feel people are missing out. Valuing your time and skills does not make you a snobby greedy person or anything, just means you deserve an appropriate amount of compensation for your efforts! How would you feel if someone you respected was doing a lot of work for way under what you felt they were worth? $4 for an hour of work sound fair?

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