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I’ve been slapping all my stuff in boxes because my Sister’s family is visiting this weekend. All of my stuff has basically been sitting idle since before the Teen moved out. Since I’m in a perpetual state of just barely keeping up with things I just kind of left everything where it lay. Out here, where there’s almost no moisture, and a ton of dirt, that means that everything is covered in a layer of sticky dust. It’s all in my eyes and brain now. Usually it’s fine because as long as you don’t touch anything the dust stays put. Once you start moving things though… It’s bad. This is easily the dustiest place I’ve ever lived in. We also have had half a score of pets over the last 15 years or so, constantly shedding. I still find hair in my stuff from dogs that are now long dead. It’s easy to tell them apart because none of the dogs have the same kind of hair. I found one of Kit’s reddish brown hairs in my Gamecube. Neither she nor the gamecube ever interacted. By some caprice of chance a single hair of hers ended up right on the laser eye, in spite of it being in a box, in a closet, for at least two years. Kit died considerably longer than that ago. The room has been vacuumed many many times since then… And yet, here we are.
My eyes are burning, but I have two air filters running in the room right now. I dusted all the shelves with a mask on, then escaped. Hopefully the filters will suck up all the dust I kicked up while I’m taking care of my daily activities.

This isn’t important to most of you, but the usual suspects have asked for a Christmas list from me, so I added it to the list of links for the holiday season. I stuck a bunch of cheap Lego sets on it. If you’re overflowing with holiday spirit, there you go. Don’t worry about doubling up on sets. It’s Lego so I’m just going to break it down for useful parts to use on the sets I’m going to try to get made as official sets. I have 3 partially complete ideas so far. Two of them I think have a legit shot at actually getting produced once I have them completed. Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of good sets right now for breaking up into buildings. There is an amazon exclusive set that has a lot of windows and doors though, so that’s good. Unfortunately it’s chocked with yellow, red, and purple parts, which make terrible buildings in my opinion. The best sets for that kind of thing are the big, ridiculously expensive, ones right now. Like the Jurassic park mansion. Although I like white, gray, and lighter blues for architecture, and that set is red and tan mostly. Last year and the year before were much better for structural building. That’s Lego though, it cycles though trends over time and we’re in a more action oriented phase at the moment.


LEGO! Since I like wargames and stuff, I came across MFZ awhile back. Mobile Frame Zero, it’s mech-based wargame where the units are built of Lego and fight using certain rules. IIRC the rules are free to download.
This is a photo someone posted of one of their creations, Credit to Mr. Robert Nash-Dawe.

Ah, Lego. The only toy that can be any toy. Assuming you’ve got the parts. And the talent. I was often lacking on both fronts.

Jo always has cool, mystical looking smoke. :)

She does tricks with it

In a console, in a box, in a closet? A hair? That is truely frightning!
Well I suppose its better than finding a hare in your soup, no?

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