…why do people talk about *that* part of Cobain’s life….isnt someone killing themselves not supposed to be talked about?

Don’t you even start.
Not talking about something doesn’t make it stop happening.
Ignoring it doesn’t make it not-a-thing.
And for that matter, tellin people not to do it doesn’t make it anyone else’s business… NOT that such is what happened here.

Suiciding is a part of existence.
Trying to erase that part is just making a lie out of the world as we know it.

But if Thomas were the [average_sign_ear_dude], he would not be Thomas anymore. I find this ‘If X were Y…’ thing very stupid.

I kinda wish the kid just killed himself right there, just to see what Thomas’ reaction would be.

I would have looked Thomas dead in the eyes and replied, “That just tells me I’m a braver man than you are.”

Maybe. XD

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