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My nephew’s birthday is in a couple of days & his mom wanted to make sure that he had a really nice one. My contribution to that was a big bag of toys. He had told his mom that he was a big boy now so he needed big boy LEGO & that he liked Minecraft. I was like “This is what I’ve trained my whole life for…” I bring this up because I was only able to contribute to this cause because of those of you who support my work via Patreon (other services exist as well). It’s something that actually brings me a lot of joy, so even more than usual, I thank you for allowing me to claim the title of best uncle, yet again. I’m sure my mug & t-shirt will arrive soon.


Gotta say, the face in the first panel is very well-made, and likewise I love the characterization in the third panel.

Well, your nephew is technically correct. Minecraft IS big boy Lego. So when they started making Minecraft Lego, I was like, “This is kinda meta.”

New Dad, Fellow Best Uncle, Longtime Lurker howzit. I have been meaning to cancel my Funimation subscription for some time and your comic has brought many a throaty chuckle and too many belly laughs. Looks like I’m headed to patreon. My handle isn’t my donation.

The dad t-shirt and mug say, “Hi, Hungry. I’m Dad.” The uncle t-shirt and mug say, “Hi, Hungry. Here’s a bag of fireworks.”

Big boy LEGO…he knows not the beast he awakens.

The boy will soon learn what it is to play with fire and in time he will realize that if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.

…the only Lego that ISN’T big boy Lego is Duplo.

But man, the PRICES these days! It’s insane!

It doesn’t help that the company seems to refuse to increase its production capacity to come anywhere close to the demand.

Let us not even get to their marketing people pushing what they call crowdsourcing for something that is nothing of the kind. [rage]

I live in a land where Robert Stack isn’t well known at all. I initially thought that it was Christopher Walken until I read the comments.
However, having seen some clips, Walken would be amazing.
One FINAL clue. MORE. Cow BELL.

Big Boy Legos is mig welding, joint clamps, and oh so many odds and ends. But I doubt you’re nephew is actually big boy enough for that unsupervised…. Still actually cheaper over all than regular old fashioned legos.

Said by a real Motörhead, and we can gronk that.
What amazing abomination of assembly have you put together of late?
Me? I limit myself to a soldering iron and epoxy putty holding together bend nails, paper clips, bits of wire – My fave futzing bench project is critters made from 3 penny nails, alligator clips and assorted crimp connectors.

Oh, by the way, the plural of LEGO is LEGO – just like Moose but less stinky and not quite as dangerous.

Nice job on that first panel, You nailed Robert Stack. I also read it in his voice as soon as I saw it.

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