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I’m still kinda sick. Like, not sick sick, but just screwed up. I’ve been sleeping at weird hours for fuck knows how long. My body feels worn out. I guess it’s just from having these two things piggyback on each other, but it’s incredibly disruptive. I feel like I need to eat something but I don’t know what. Like my body is craving something I’ve never actually had before. It’s weird. I might have to do jury duty on Thursday as well. I swear if my foot gets worse because of it I’m sending the bill to the state of Colorado. Anyway, I’ll see you when I see you.


TIL I’m secretly a goth, because this is pretty much exactly what I think. Never saw it expressed so well or so concisely, so well done! In my case, it comes from having most of your family die by the time you’re 21. (Would not recommend btw, it sucks big time. Go hug your family members while you still can.)

That said, I’m not really a goth. I’m pretty optimistic most of the time, although it took several years to get here. I think it’s because I’m generally content and grateful to be alive. I know that my life is good compared to many — I’m happily married, I get along well with my remaining family, and I have lots of free time to pursue my own interests. I do have various health issues but they’re fortunately not the fatal kind (yet). So while I know I’ll be completely forgotten in a generation or two once I cease to exist, that’s fine. Most people who are remembered for longer than that are not always remembered in a positive light, and it’s absolutely true that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I tried to be goth for a while, but too lazy to keep it up. I do still wear almost exclusively black, but that’s more I’m too lazy to sort laundry. All Darks, one pile, one load, all done.

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