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I had so much trouble choosing a color for Jo’s shirt. That jacket is not the kind of thing that goes with much of anything. It’s meant to be odd, and it does that very well.

Man, the season opener of the Walking Dead was much less traumatic than I expected. I was sure they were going to kill off one of my favorites.

The Teen’s homecoming dance was sad for her because no one asked her to dance. In spite of the fact that she was very fancy for the occasion. She’s got really outdated views about romance. I suspect because her dad did too. The downside of this is that she’s got it in her head that someone is going to come and save her from… whatever it is she needs saving from. I’ll give you that love can, potentially, work like that, but in my experience it rarely does. Which is not to say she should settle for whatever comes along, far from it. Waiting to be rescued from your mundane, or difficult, existence however is counterproductive. Both parties should bring value to the table. If nothing else I hope she learns to be a better judge of character than she is now…

I kind of wish I had more to say, but I’ve been working pretty much constantly so I don’t have any stories to tell. I guess that’s better than having bad things happen though. I’ll take busy and boring before tragic and interesting any day.


Reggie’s first major conversation while trying to be Thomas Jr. is going to be a really challenging. I hope he was given lots of pointers before being sent out to play by his “mentor”.

It’s one of those things where it happened so long ago that you don’t know if he’ll care or not, assuming they’re related to him. I don’t know how common a last name Boothe is.

That’s a strange combination of amusement and pity on Carol’s face.

There might even be the tiniest bit of envy as well.

Hate to be the grammar Nazi but in panel two it should be buried not with the two R’s (even the comments section will not allow me to type it as it auto corrects lol)

I think that’s a intentional misspelling, showing how Jo is saying it.

Were that this were true… If I’d done that it would read “baried” because of her Kansas accent.

ooooooh Goodness. What have you done. They all have accents don’t they? They all have accents… I have to start this comic over. I’ll be back.

Kansans are Carol, Thomas, Nina, Ed, Jo, Jess, and Alex.

Mike has a slight Texas accent. Almost indistinguishable from Kansas.

John is from Nevada.

So have fun with that.

Don’t poison them into thinking we’ve all got redneck accents here in the middle of the country! Some of us make a conscious effort to not sound like our kin– I mean “family”.

I’ve been asked which coast I’m from just because I speak with a Cosmopolitan accent.

Apparently it’s weird for people when I say “y’all”.

This comment made me want to hear some samples of people you’d pick to voice them if that were ever to be needed….

Those accents might be here, at the [audio] speech accent archive, at this site:


That site is from the George Mason University, [in Virgina, USA], I think.

Kansas accent is more ‘Buhrried’ than it is ‘Barried’. Then again trying to portray an accent in letters is hard. Burr-reed gets the pronunciation right, but leaves the visual impression that it is being said slower (it doesn’t actually specify, but we humans tend to find inflection and tone where none is directly specified. One’s state of mind while reading influences this, too. Of course there’s always hyphenation, but that doesn’t do the trick, either.

Were this literature, one could make the attempt, “The people buried in the little cemetery outside town were named Boothe, she repeated (insert speed descriptive here), (insert secondary imagery here). or something to the like in an effort to give the idea of how she was saying it (although by now in the story it probably already would have been covered and more likely be reiterated as ‘She repeated in her (Thick/Heavy/Light/Slight/Adjective) Kansan (or Midwestern. The difference between Bear-reed in the North and burr-reed further South is is lost on most. That is if one were calling attention to the accent at all.

But this is a comic. You can’t really add in a lot of text. In fact, the medium is visual enough to minimize text and still be viable (think silent movies). So in the case of two people speaking, how can one accurately portray an accent without making the text awkward and clumsy? Aside from generalizing (Rogue’s southern drawl in Marvel, Any overblown ‘Vee haff you now’ German-esque (trust me, that innit a German accent), or the imitation of basic Midwest Hollywood uses for a baseline.

Gah… I started rambling there. I had a point at one time. I think it’s lost in the jumble there. Too late for recovery operations, though, so I’m leaving it.

I’m not going to speak to the other points, but in my family we pronounce Bury the same way as berry. As far as I know that’s a Kansas thing.

Depends on the part of Kansas. Most of Kansas, yes. But in out in some parts of Western Kansas and over along the Missouri border, not so much.

Kansan here. Accent indicators ’round here are things like:

“fixin to”

And a general flat drawl of varying strengths, usually reduced in the under middle age population since we get more exposure to outside language/accents now.

I used to work with a guy that had the most amazing accent and would say these things I’ve never heard before.
“Shoot. He done took and lit out of here.”
He said “took and” a lot. “He took and” “she took and” “they took and”. I have no context for it anymore. He said it all the time. I’m just stymied by it.

The “r” in wash gets me every time.
I live in Missouri but in a town right on the border of Kansas… and Oklahoma, too, really. And only an hour from Arkansas. It’s very confusing here. :P

The back of the lower part of a leg is a calf. A baby cow is a “kiff”. I pronounce it like this and people make fun of me, but I’ve heard dozens of people around here pronounce it the same. Also fence staples are steeples. Don’t know why.

I grew up in Park City (just north of Wichita) and currently live in Emporia and I’ve relatives in Eskridge. I am unfamiliar with this pronunciation. Where abouts in Kansas are you from?

I have a friend from New England. He joined the Navy, + non-N.E. sailors would make fun of him for pronouncing ” a haircuit”, as, “a hehhhh cut”.
Some haters are just daft. :)

One of my female friends somewhere in her mid twenties remarked to me that she wished her parents had never let her watch Disney movies as a kid. She had a rough time learning the lesson that A) no prince is going to sweep you away to happily ever after, and B) you are better off not wanting or needing rescue.

Growing up is tough, and there is little we can do to ease the transition from youth to adult. Except, perhaps, providing a good example.

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